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Healing Ibiza Gives Back to the Island

For many, Healing Ibiza Day is simply two fabulous days a year on the island. Two gatherings that celebrate healing and well-being but there's more to the story...


Twice a year one topic dwarfs all else on the island of Ibiza, separate to the Opening and Closing Club Parties. It's called Healing Day Ibiza.

People often speak of two Ibizas - the clubbers heaven and the alternative Ibiza, the Ibiza that focuses on Conscious Living, on giving back to the island and its people, the Ibiza concerned with conservation and wellbeing.

Healing Day Ibiza October 2012 Reiki

Every May and October, for the last few years, just before the Super-Clubs open and just after they close, islanders and visitors start to get excited about something else...

"Healing Ibiza" is a spectacular day when therapists and healers from across Europe and more recently from around the World travel to the island, to give freely of their skills and time. The day is both a fundraiser and a time to help people explore an alternative way of living. Season on season, the event has become bigger and bigger, a day out for all the family, for those of all beliefs and interests.

Healing Day Ibiza October 2012 Dance

However, after the day is done, it doesn't stop. Healing Ibiza raises funds throughout twice yearly events and then offers the monies raised to good causes on the island. Their choices over the last few years have been broad and well-considered, often helping the most needy.

So it was that this author both attended the most recent Healing Ibiza Day, in October this year. It was, as expected, a spectacular, inclusive event but last week I was invited to another quieter, smaller event. The Healing Ibiza Association had chosen APNEEF, an island based organisation that assists those with special education needs, to receive a donation towards their work.

Healing Day Ibiza October 2012 Massage

It was quite something to see the 'behind-the-scenes' result of Healing Ibizas success. As you walk about the Healing Ibiza day itself, watching people receive massages, partake in yoga and meditation sessions, gather for thought leadership talks, you'd be mistaken for thinking that was all there was to the story. Although if it was, one would still easily concede it is a great success.

Healing Day Ibiza October 2012 Welcome

However, walking into APNEEFs offices in Ibiza Town, meeting some of the staff who dedicate their professional lives to those with special educational needs, watching the smiles as the Healing Ibiza Association handed over a cheque for 1,500 Euro's to those staff was a moment I was pleased not to have missed.

Healing Day Ibiza October 2012 APNEEF

Ibiza Spotlight has been a proud and long standing sponsor of Healing Day Ibiza and would like to give thanks both to all those that gave of their time and skills and those that attended to enjoy the day. Watching the smiles of gratitude from APNEEF staff are smiles that belong to you all.

Photography by Cat Milton

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