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Fashion: Steamy Ibiza - what's HOT in September

Leena Bhatti, our Fashion Expert, casts her eye across the Best of Ibiza Fashion Brands - for both the boys and girls!


Holiday shopping – love it or loath it, we have all indulged at some point. Fuelled by sangria, my newly purchased flamenco dress at least got me a booking at the local karaoke bar. It wasn't the look I was hoping for. Then there was the LED jelly ring, bought pre-Pacha – the perfect accessory with my black dress – not. Every so often it still flashes at me.

Wiser and more stylish now, my holiday buys are investment pieces.

With such a wealth of fashion designers in Ibiza, you don't really need to buy before you fly. I love that they break with conventional notions of fashion. All however have one thing in common – a love of Ibiza and a passion to treat the island as well as it has treated them. This month Ibiza Spotlight delights in paying homage to our home spun talent, bringing you an Olympic line-up of excellence. We help you choose stylish pieces that will ensure you emerge more a victor than victim.

Gentlemen – I know shopping is not always your favourite sport so let's go first. Following last month's piece on swimming trunks, I'd like to introduce you to Syd & Rex. In the gladiatorial arena of fashion innovation and quirky designs, Syd & Rex graphic representation of Ibicenco life stands tall and strong. Who else could make Pimentos de Padron look cool?

With names such as Party Dogs, Island Lines and Rock (the above photo of which makes me blush) it's time to have fun whilst still looking like a hottie. The quality and cut is perfect and is meant to take its wearer from sunrise to sunset. Two outfits for the price of one. Surely that has to be worth it?

Nick Adcock, founder and saviour in the fight against “fast fashion” has worked passionately so that his brand connects to the hearts of its clients. So join the Brother Hood of the Balearic Beat this summer.

podenco Clothing Ibiza Brands

To avoid looking like a bill board stay away from logo infested T-shirts. And no football shirts unless you find yourself on a pitch. For an authentic design, my favourite summer T-shirt has to be one from Podenco Clothing. Island legend, Danny Rose has created a no nonsense original beach wear label. A man with a heart as big and as soft as his golden curls, Danny has created a collection using the highest quality 100% organic cotton and printed in accordance with Fair Trade.

Intelligent, Active and engaging by nature, though somewhat independent and stubborn at times – (the Podenco dog that is and not Mr Rose) Danny decided to use the Podenco dog as the brands symbol. These dogs were originally bought over to Ibiza with the Phoenicians over 2000 years ago and are now part of the heritage. With such a beautiful (but manly) emblem this is fast becoming a global representation of all that is best about Ibiza: individuality, authenticity and independence.

World Family Ibiza - Ibiza Brands

Talking of big hearts, led by theirs, Merel and Aloks journeys across the world provided the global inspiration behind World Family Ibiza. Captivated by the artisan traditions of local tribes people, craftsmen and nomads, Merel and Alok have managed to honour these timeless indigenous traditions. You can see the love and attention to detail that has gone into each of their bags, belts, boots, jewellery and more recently home wares.

They can appear pricey but the leather will last forever and only get better with age. This oh so desirable tasselled money bag is unique and looks like a belt, very handy for when you're on the dance floor. It's a small taste of hippy heaven. Don't leave the island without popping into their newly opened concept store – a visual celebratory feast of colours.

Reina & Rose Bridgette Fussy

Designed to the rhythm of Ibiza and set against the sensual backdrop of the islands golden sunsets and sunrises. Reina and Roses, Bridgette Fussy has perfected the art of making any woman feel like a goddess in one of her chic creations. Synonymous with the Bohemian vibe, vivid colours swirl and dance on exquisite silks and cottons, echoing the Ibizian palette. This green maxi dress is perfect for showing off your sun kissed skin. The heavily embellished boleros are so sexy and beautiful they can be worn over everything and as I sometimes prefer… nothing ;)

For your sexy Ibiza evening wear, look no further than Beatrice of San Francisco. Her exclusive knitwear is achingly cool and sophisticated. Draping your body perfectly each piece seems magically woven with gold thread. Available in a myriad of rich mineral earth tones such as Caldera Gold, Aluminium Silver and Khaki.

The perfect complement to her collection is the tribal like leather jewellery and chain belts made by the wildly talented Linda. Appearing like a beautiful Amazonian, you can find Linda at Las Dallias every Saturday. Prepare to be as captivated by Linda as her intricately made designs. These are show stopping statement pieces with the power to lift and transform any outfit.

Dancing Leopard Ibiza Brands

If lounging by the pool is more appealing than shopping than let the shop come to you. My favourite pop up boutique is the fashionistas favourite, Dancing Leopard. Conceived in Goa, Dancing Leopards disco inspired vintage jumpsuits in sheer sexy animal prints, harem pants, skirts and dresses provide a gloriously seductive collection of lust haves. I'm a sucker for an animal print and this flirty leopard dress is gorgeous. Wear yours short and accessorise with a simple gold cuff. Prepare to get into trouble and be part of the leopard adventures.

boheme Ibiza Fashion Brands

Gypsetter Charlotte Kennedy's zest for travel and life can be seen in her colourful tie dye kaftans for her label, bohème.

These kaftans come in a variety of bright colours – the perfect glamorous cover up over your bikini or my favourite, a pair of denim shorts. In the heat of the night these provide the pop of colour needed over a pair of skinny jeans and fabulous heels. With the heart of a true Bohemian the rhapsody of her life can be seen in her mantra “live the life you dream and wear the dream you live”.

Whatever you buy, enjoy it and let it be a happy reminder of your time in Ibiza. And please..dont forget Rule No.1….

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