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Fashion: Steamy Ibiza. What’s Hot - November!

Ibiza Winter Fashion and Clubwear Special. Winter often brings snow but here in Ibiza, Leena Bhatti sprinkles a little Fashion Fairy Dust for the Festive Season.


Its official - Christmas is upon us.

I've been crying and I think I have a crush on a snowman. The latest John Lewis advert is what did it. It features the bravest most romantic snowman ever. Mr Snowman risks everything for his Snow lady in a very “And all because the Lady Loves Milk Try” kind of way.

Here in Ibiza, Christmas and New Years are massive. Each town is decorated with Christmas trees, lights and a nativity scene. Plenty of Baby Jesus's' to go around. The Vara de Rey becomes a Christmas market and this magical island becomes even more so. I love Christmas, it fills me with so much love and festive cheer.

However... by the 27th December this festive cheer has turned into a cry. I'm ready to break loose from my Baileys induced fog. The only light and hope of ignoring the rising family tensions comes from the macabre flickering of the TV during the obligatory 3 x hour Eastenders special.

In such cases of desperation, there is only one thing for it. Party like its 1999! Dust off your antlers. The dance floor is calling.

Sankeys, Pacha and legendry DC10 are all open so you're spoilt for choice if its clubbing you want. Ibiza clubwear during the summer months is one thing but during winter, a bit more than a strategically placed bit of tinsel is required.

Ibiza winter fashion this year is a proper grown up dressing extravaganza for both men and women.

For men the theme is decadently dandy, English eccentric with a gothic twist. (Check out the latest Prada advert featuring baddass Gary Oldman and Willem Dafoe.)

Ladies we all love a sequin but this year why not try something less obvious and still outshine the others by embracing the more is more baroque and roll look.

Gentlemen, this year ditch the casual jeans and shirt combo. Fix up look sharp with some seriously slick tailoring as part of your Ibiza Winter fashion look this year. Make like a style assassin taking inspiration from International spy, he who the ladies love, Mr Daniel Craig. Crisp white Tom Ford shirts offer timeless appeal set against the sharpest suits. These patent red shoes (see image at top of page) give the three piece suit a modern edge. Take note of the silk pocket scarf too. It's this kind of attention to detail that will lift you from the geeky realms of the IT Crowd to the IN crowd. A pocket scarf works equally as well with a blazer and jeans, perfect Ibiza Clubwear for stylish gents.

In fact men's accessories have taken on a whole new twist. More Tinie Tempah than Timmy Mallet, the Bow Tie is here to stay. This one is hand crafted in house. Designer Oscar offers a video tutorial on how to tie yours… don't even think of uttering the word clip on.

If the full on 'suited and booted' look is not for you then why not wear a less formal blazer as part of your Ibiza winter fashion look? This military blazer has a luxurious feel thanks to the velvet trim. Add a modern slant by teaming with these burgundy slim fit trousers (see above)

Ladies, there are plenty of dresses out there perfect for your Ibiza Clubwear. I wanted to show you a few chic alternatives though.

Fashion magpies rejoice. This season features clothes drenched in luxurious fabrics. Jacquard, velvet, silk, satin and leather. Taking inspiration from the Baroque era in history, this look is really an indulgent mix of rich colours dripping with jewels. Check out the Dolce and Gabbana press campaign for the real deal.

Whilst there are plenty of dresses out there perfect for your Ibiza Clubwear, why not try these chic trousers? There is a matching jacket which worn together nails the trouser suit trend and baroque all in one. Worn with a flash of peek a boo lace underneath…perfect balance of daring and style.

Made popular by Mad Men actress Christina Hendrix I have seen more men turn mad with lust by a woman wearing a pencil skirt than a bikini. A shape that flatters most women, the pencil skirt accentuates curves whilst keeping things firmly in place. Its allure lies in its modesty. It wraps seductively around a woman's hips, thighs and derrière presenting the perfect hour glass figure. No longer just available in secretary black, this one look as if it's dipped in gold leaf.

I love the art deco style heel on these little beauties. The chain meanwhile gives it a little S&M look.

Talking of S&M... my leather fetish continues and I couldn't help but share my designer at a high street price find with you! This leather and suede panelled dress fits like a glove. It's designed by Preen for Debenhams.

I'll be channelling my inner vamp in this dress with just a slick of burgundy blood lipstick… now where's that mistletoe? Well tis the season and all that and I got to get me a snowman ;)

Rule Number 2..Love your liver…Start taking your milk thistle (GREAT for easing hangovers.. apparently. Ed') before you Party!

Next month … New Year… New You!

Email me with your Ibiza Clubwear and Ibiza winter fashion woes and dilemmas.
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