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Cakes: Amazing Made to Order Cakes

Exquisite cakes, cupcakes and cookies that will amaze - not just visually but when you take a bite too!

Cakes, love ‘em or hate ‘em, I have no doubt you'll be super-impressed by the following.

CakeMeHome Designer Cakes for all occasions

Long, long ago there was a young lady who was working abroad as both an actress and a model. However she wasn't really feeling it and then one day she saw an amazing cake. She was so impressed that she decided she wanted to make cakes like that too. Seriously, this is how the story starts.

The young lady concerned is Barbara and now resident on Ibiza (previously of Madrid) I popped along to spend several hours witnessing the creation of one of her cakes. In this instance it was a large Super Mario birthday cake and by Barbaras standards, a bit of a walk in the park (she has shown herself to be a master of 3D cakes, including wonder cakes shaped as yachts, beds, a sushi table, a baseball cap and even a Gucci Handbag!)

Walk in the park or otherwise, what was inspiring was seeing the extraordinary care and attention to detail that Barbara puts into all her creations and there is little doubt that much of her success has come from this perfectionism.
The fact that Barbara is primarily self-taught was nigh on inconceivable but in accepting this, you truly understand the talent that is the foundation of these cakes.

CakeMeHome Designer Cakes for all occasions

However, watching a cake be made, regardless of how spectacular it is, is only one part of the story – the question remains, “What do they taste like?”
Barbara was up for the challenge and made a cake for the staff at Ibiza Spotlight. Worryingly, with schedules a bit squiff as the Summer Season started to heat up, it was four days before we could gather to try it. Was it going to be stale, a bit dry perhaps?
I need not have been worried. In fact for a moment I was more concerned I was going to have to beat the staff off, so we could save a piece or two for those who weren't present. The cake was beautifully flavoured, moist and fresh. One or two of us may have had more than one piece each…

CakeMeHome Designer Cakes for all occasions

The range of cakes available is considerable – vanilla, chocolate, carrot or lemon and as too the flavours of buttercream – regular, chocolate, cream cheese, lemon and strawberry.

Barbara doesn't stop at cakes but also offers an exquisite range of cookies and cupcakes too.

Cakes can be made to order for weddings, birthdays, corporate events – in fact pretty much any event you can think of. Have a look at Barbaras website, CakeMeHome to see samples of what she's achieved and get booking!

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