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Lissy Lü in real life | Foodie heaven

Misadventures in clubland. 10 to 16 June.

Top raver, booth infiltrator and our very own AM to PM girl, Lissy Lübeck is back on Ibiza for summer 2024, which means another weekly serving of misadventures in clubland. Here, Lissy shares her thoughts, experiences and inner musings direct from the dancefloor.

A year older, perhaps. But a year wiser? Nah.

If you heard it from anybody else, you'd dismiss it as hyperbole, but Lissy Lü's real life is like that... Partying as a profession is a hard life, but somebody's got to do it!

Foodie heaven

10 to 16 June

Radio 1 Dance X Pool Party | Ibiza Rocks


I made a quick stop at Ibiza Rocks to catch the BBC Radio 1 Dance X Pool Party, arriving just in time to witness the last hour of LF System (pictured above). They had the entire dancefloor ablaze. 

Afterwards, I headed to the OKU Ibiza Hotel for the first time and dined at its stunning poolside restaurant.

With a DJ playing ambient melodic House, dimmed lighting, beautifully presented courses and impeccable five-star service from the outset, I highly recommend this spot if you enjoy luxurious Japanese fusion cuisine.

Lissy Lü in real life


Isn’t it great when work duties feel like free time shenanigans? Well that was the case when visiting Hedkandi at Bam Bu Ku on Thursday, where I met with good pal Phil, Hayley and Steve. Many a Moscow Mule were consumed and even a complimentary bottle of bubbly.

Lissy Lü in real life

There were great vibes and a good buzz of energy flowing throughout the afternoon. The Hedkandi crew didn’t disappoint with their re-entrance into the Ibiza scene.

At 19:30, I headed over to Destino for a very important birthday dinner, Spotlight’s very own Timo.

Not only that, but it coincided with the Music On Daytime spectacle was taking place, with Calvin Clarke on warm up duties and the one and only Black Coffee as the special guest.

Lissy Lü in real life

Our table also happened to be right next to the artists, which meant I got a full frontal view of Black Coffee up close (in a non creepy way!).


A day of working from home and a much-needed siesta on my suntrap balcony, I then headed to another restaurant spot I hadn’t tried before: Es Virot in San Antonio Bay. Yep, the yummy food chronicles continue.

Lissy Lü in real life

A perfectly placed little restaurant with a great view of the sunset, Es Virot's staff were also super friendly and attentive, while the food was delicious! We gorged on fresh fish, home made burgers and reasonably priced oysters. It’s a very underrated spot for dinner in my opinion.

Lissy Lü in real life


A big day, as the England team played their opening match in Euro 2024, which meant me and Lucy decided to throw a little rooftop barbecue with a few friends. €200 in the supermarket later, to say we had enough food to feed the 5000 would be an understatement.

When I host, I do it properly. This week was truly foodie heaven! Ibiza's gastronomy definitely matches its world famous party scene.

Lissy Lü in real life

Our DIY BBQ endured its first test and the boys managed to work their wonders with it, despite a few wobbly legs and missing bolts. After our triumphant win, the team headed down to Eden in high spirits to catch the Murphy's Law boys in action at ABODE

Restaurant of the week

D-Lounge at Destino will sound even more appealing after you hear about our package ticket offering.

D-Lounge | Destino Pacha Resort by Adolf Comes

What if we told you that you can hit up Music On Daytime at Destino as well as eat in the restaurant for just €30 extra? Well best believe you can! Totally worthwhile, this combo ticket will have you fed and watered, before hitting up one of the most picturesque dancefloors on the island.

Sushi, steaks and some of the best potato bravas I’ve had on the island, it's got it all and cater to all kinds of food sensitivities and needs.

Cova Santa

Party radar

GOZO opening party | Cova Santa | Saturday 22 June

A brand new experience is coming to the island this Saturday as GOZO makes it mark on Cova Santa with an innovative concept that fuses culinary, arts and music under one sun-kissed roof.

You can enjoy three areas of music from 19:00 until 05:00, making the most of Cova Santa’s one of a kind event space that offers outdoor and indoor dancefloors. Enjoy a traditional Ibizan-style barbecue and sip on a cocktail as the sun goes down, as some incredible artists join the decks.

Line-up: Paula Tape, Shanti Celeste, Dekmantel Soundsystem, Digital Freedom, Camilo Miranda, Christian Len, Jesidi and more


Whisper from the dancefloor

Here's one for 2025 and beyond... apparently, the promoters behind one of Ibiza's most established parties have designs on entering the hotel sector here on Ibiza. We don't imagine this will be a quiet retreat! Question is, not only who, but which location do they have sights on??

Tune of the week

Azari & III and Max Dean | Reckless (2024) | Positiva | 14 June

This week, it's a no-brainer for me. One of the most sought-after ID requests of recent months landed on Positiva last week.

Hotly-tipped UK talent Max Dean has added to Azari & III's classic with his signature groove-worthy baselines and has somehow managed to make it more dancefloor-ready than the original. An edit made out of his love for the 2010 track, as well as being the song he claims got him into DJing in the first place. What a story!

It did the rounds in Max's sets last summer, and has garnered support from some of the biggest DJs in the world. The hype around it has been feverish and he continues to soar.

After playing the opening party of Solid Grooves already this summer, you can catch him on multiple dates across the islands biggest parties and venues. 

Thirsty for more misadventures in clubland? Lissy Lü is off to Glastonbury, but instead of pausing dancefloor diaries, Jo picks up the reins in her absence.

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For daily insights, you can keep up to date with the life and times of Lissy Lü by following our TikTok channel here.

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