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Bam Bu Ku has it all going on in the next seven days

O Beach's sister venue proves it's got just as much happening as its neighbour!

Far more than being just a fantastic beach club and restaurant, Bam Bu Ku is setting itself apart in 2024 with a variety of cool events throughout the week. Although priding itself on being a family-friendly destination, this year BBK is diversifying with more adult-only parties.

These serve equally well as either the perfect pre-party for your night out or stand-alone activities.

Don't worry, though, those travelling with children still have plenty of options to soak up the sun and fun on the coast of San Antonio. There's plenty to dive into!


After last week's successful launch, Hedkandi is back for week two on 13 June.

Celebrating a milestone 25th anniversary of clubbing heritage, Hedkandi makes a rightful weekly return to the island, this time at the San Antonio hotspot. This emblematic House music brand is set to bring back its signature sound every Thursday daytime until 19 September.

Hedkandi | Bam Bu Ku

Hedkandi’s nostalgic musical journey is the perfect fit for Bam Bu Ku's beachside setting.

From 13:00 to 20:00, attendees can expect a full day of classic House anthems, live PAs, instrumentalists and original DJs, including founder Mark Doyle, Mike Van Loon and Andy Norman.



The following day, 14 June, Discoliscious takes over Bam Bu Ku for the first of two exclusive, high-energy parties starting at 13:00. Created by the dynamic showbiz duo Denise Van Outen and Jemma Bolt, Discoliscious combines uplifting party vibes with hot DJ talent.

Also playing are Sammy Dean, Craig Mars, Jam Saxx and Rollatabs.

Offering a perfect fusion of clubbing vibes and late brunch, this event is an open invitation to all, whether you're a fan of House and Disco or looking for a fun evening and eager to dance the day away. Discoliscious returns on 28 August.


Bingo Bango | Bam Bu Ku

Bingo Bango

Kicking off the week with a bang, adult-only Bingo Bango is back on 17 June. Already firmly established on the UK festival circuit, Bingo Bango migrates to the White Isle with laughter, epic prizes and standout moments, all against the backdrop of the Mediterranean.

Offering a unique twist on the classic game, this dopamine-hit runs every Monday from 18:00 to 21:00, with fun-filled games of bingo and hilarious sketches. Whether you're with a small group of friends or a large party, Bingo Bango ensures an evening full of mischief and merriment.

It's a great prelude to a big night out!


El Kiddo | Bam Bu Ku

El Kiddo

Although on a brief hiatus following a successful May opening, Bam Bu Ku’s famed kids' fiesta El Kiddo returns twice weekly from 21 June until mid-September.

Including violin players, dancers, entertainers, face painting and more, this year's theme is Circus, offering endless enjoyment for you and your family with live music, magicians, clowns, acrobats, and a host of other exciting performances.

All the better than the whole family can get involved!


Ibiza Brunch Club

Every Monday, The Ibiza Brunch Club is the Bam Bu Ku way to set the tone for your week ahead. In their capable hands, BBK not only keeps the food and drinks flowing but they guarantee a triple-hit of entertainment rolling as well.

Between mouthfuls of the Wanderlust-inspired three-course set menu, Joan Oh, the Hostess-with-the-absolute-mostess, ensures the adult humour is dished out to every table. For 90 minutes, free-flowing cocktail jugs are on hand to ease you into the impromptu conga invitations, sing-alongs, and dance competitions. With great prizes on offer, it's time to show the crowds what you’ve got.

This is brunch Spanish style, meaning it begins at 14:30 and keeps going straight through the siesta until the next prize-winning activity picks you back up again.

You can find full listings by heading to our party calendar.

ADDITIONAL WORDS | by Hayley Morgan

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Vlad Florut and Peter Young

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