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Amnesia announces exclusive one-off party with Ben Hemsley

A date on the Terrace with the new school guardian of Trance and special guest Hannah Laing this June.

Summer 2023 was the year Ben Hemsley made waves with his first ever Ibiza residency. His eight consecutive shows at Ibiza Rocks managed to sell out nearly every week.

Ben captivated audiences with his reimagined, new school Trance sound, drawing in a spew of avid ravers to his mercy every week. That pull power hasn't gone unnoticed. 

While he's back in that slot for an extended 12-week run, Ben is also earmarked for an exclusive one-off party on Amnesia's esteemed Terrace. Taking over one of the original Ibizan dancefloors for one night only, Ben has secured Monday 3 June for the party.

With a distinct sonic identity, Ben Hemsley has carved out his own artistic path, gaining widespread popularity amongst a loyal army of British ravers - particularly from the North East.

Ben will be joined by special guest Hannah Laing, who is often hailed as his female counterpart. Her hard-hitting, uptempo sounds have consistently sold out shows across the UK - and we all know where's next.

The line-up further includes London-based DJ and producer Ammara. She's breaking through with her rave-ready sound, which fuses Hard House and elements from Happy Hardcore. Additionally, Ty Gill also joins the ensemble to kick-off the party.

Both Hannah and the others were guests of Ben at Ibiza Rocks last summer. Collectively, the growing profile of this ragtag group of castaways hint at imminent global appeal. Certainly, the Hard and Fast Techno scene is dominating in northern Europe right now.

The revival of one of dance music's heritage genres is a testament to his creativity, and this is just the beginning. We doff our cap to him.

In related news, Electric Ibiza, the promoter behind the party, has also launched five dates of its underground party Do Not Sleep. It returns to Amnesia on 16, 23 and 30 May and 5 and 12 June.

Whether you're already a fan of Ben and Hannah or are intrigued by the next big movement in dance music, get yourself down to Amnesia on 3 June. Tickets are on sale now. Find them below.

Electric Ibiza presents Ben Hemsley listings - 2024


Amnesia & Electric Ibiza present Ben Hemsley

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