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King Carola back at the helm for Pacha's Grand Opening Party

The ruler is back with an extended set on Friday 26 April.

Marco Carola is back at the helm, as Pacha confirms its Grand Opening Party for the International Music Summit (IMS) weekend on Friday 26 April.

Last summer, Carola left no doubts as to his claim to the kingdom, selling out every week at Music On and every daytime edition at sister venue Destino. Now he assumes his rightful position at the curtain-raiser. All hail the King!

To mark the coronation, the talisman will play an extended set on the night.

This is Carola's preferred format, where he can really lock in the groove and work the dancefloor.

Warming up, Ale de Tuglie and Calvin Clarke link up for a back-to-back from midnight. The star attraction is clearly the man at the top of the bill, however.

This marks a change for Pacha's opening night, which has been headed up by Solomun in recent years.

Further to this, Carola also headlines Destino's Grand Opening two days later on 28 April. That makes this a double-header of sorts - and a bumper weekend for fans of the stoney-faced Italian maestro.

Tickets are on sale now and can be bought below.

Pacha's Grand Opening Party listings - 2024


Pacha's Grand Opening Party

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