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The island reawakens at Akasha's Opening Party

The mid-winter slumber ends on Saturday 17 February.

After the club's well-deserved mid-winter interval, Akasha's sacred dancefloor is set to resume Saturday 17 February for its seasonal Opening Party.

While this might not be an announcement for the summer opening parties, for anybody who remains on the island over the cooler months, this is very much the equivalent. The club's short hibernation has been felt heavily amongst Ibiza's resident clubbing community. 

The return earmarks the second half of its winter programme, as well as the countdown to summer.

Whilst Ibiza's prominent super-clubs take their leave, Akasha remains open for business, allowing locals to enjoy a more low-key and organic clubbing experience.

This time around, the line-up features a number of artists including two maestros from Germany's Progressive House scene. Rampue (not to be confused with keinemusik's Rampa) is an Ibizan staple who regularly performs regularly at island favourite Woomoon.

Ouïe Records co-founder and Berlin native Nico Stojan is the second guest of honour.

Both performers have headlined their own shows across continents for the best part of a decade, and can consistently be found on the line-ups niche underground festivals.

Oozing in progressive melody, Rampue and Stojan are joined by Ibiza Sonica Radio's very own Igor Marijuan, as well as Sena, both long-term members of the Akasha team.

Nido | Las Dalias

The following day, Nido returns for an all-day affair that begins outside in Las Dalias' courtyard, before moving inside in the evening as dusk settles. Then the weekend after, its Bushwacka's turn to take the reigns on Saturday 24 February.

First though, we restart with the Opening Party. Vamos!

Almost time to brush off the proverbial cobwebs. Just a little over a fortnight until you can get your groove back on. As the sole ticket partner of Akasha, you can find your tickets no further than a click away, at the bottom of this page.

Akasha Opening Party listings - 2024

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