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A taste of ... Itaca

From breakfasts to late lunches, sunset cocktails and partying through the night, Itaca has got you covered.

Located on the vibrant seafront promenade in San Antonio, Itaca, with its open terrace and the inside party room is a venue of many faces. It's a go-to-hot spot for many San Antonio tourists, eager to catch the unbeatable sunset vibes before heading inside to party, or out into the night. 

However, there is more to it than just a night escape. If you wanted to, you could spend the entire day here, taking in the changing landscape of the paseo, soaking up the rays and of course feasting on the breakfast, lunch and evening snack menu.

The open terrace, decorated in green leaves and sparkling glitter balls opens at 11 a.m., with an enticing English breakfast menu, ready to sort you out from the night before or set you up for the day ahead. You’ll be pleased to know they also offer a bursting cocktail menu all day (including alcohol-free cocktails and smoothies) so it's ideal for quenching any morning thirst.

If people-watching is your thing, then there is no better spot. Sitting on the shoreline seats you can watch the Ibiza world pass you by. The great thing about a venue like Itaca - is that it invites in all ages and demographics. Its cool and chilled vibe is welcoming to families, groups of friends getting together and couples eager for a romantic sunset moment

As San Antonio residents, Itaca has featured on our party calendar many times over the summers, which was why it was so nice to experience it from a day-lit angle on our recent visit. 

We took our seats late in the afternoon, so enough time to catch a little of the sunshine rays before the golden hour took hold. Cocktails were the first order of the day - a Mojito and non-alcoholic passion fruit lemonade - both a refreshing start to our evening. 

We really enjoyed the Karaage Chicken. A Japanese-style crispy chicken dish with sriracha mayonnaise. 

A very full plate of Crispy Nachos with all the trimmings. We had to remind ourselves there was more to come before finishing them all.  

Crunchy Vegetable Samosas, with creamy satay sauce, were a great addition.

The Teriyaki Chicken came in a rich sauce and a great quantity of rice. The tomato and onion salad was a really nice and fresh accompaniment.

Prawn pad thai with cashews and crunchy bean sprouts.

A tasty Nasi Goreng, that came with a little bit of a hot kick.

The pièce de résistance to the evening, of course, the sunset. The large terrace means that from any spot here, you can always catch a glimpse of this special Ibiza moment. There is no rush to leave after this special moment. We’d always recommend taking your time and enjoying a few cocktails to see if Itaca can invite you a little further into the night.

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