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Chilling by the pool: 7Pines Resort Ibiza

Amazing views, super food and the BEST pool. How to chill in style for €100.

Throughout the season I’ve been editing our Chilling By The Pool series with no small amount of envy. Watching my colleagues living it up at some of Ibiza’s swankiest oases has been a test of my reserve. However, my patience obviously paid off, as I feel I drew the longest straw - the daddy of them all, possibly the most chilled pool on the whole island, the iconic 7Pines Resort Ibiza pool. 

Open to members of the public with a Day Pass, the sun terrace at 7Pines Resort close to Cala Comte has become world-famous for its captivating view of the majestic islet of Es Vedrà and its glass-fronted infinity pool. It has become one of the island’s coolest spots to hang out for the day, whilst being waited on by the ever-attentive pool staff.

Checking in, bang on 11 am as the Infinity Pool Bar opened for business, we were escorted to our Balinese day bed. Positioned right on the front line, overlooking the sea, we had the perfect view, despite the hazy conditions. With a steady flow of sparkling water, the temperature was agreeable, and the hazy filter only meant more time to enjoy the sunshine before lunch.

With a pool measuring over 50m, it was possible to get a few lazy Olympic lengths of breaststroke and backstroke in before our food and cocktails arrived. Swimming underwater up to the glass end of the pool is an experience that never gets old.

The Infinity Pool Bar menu includes a great selection of signature cocktails, sangrias, super juices, and a refreshing selection of spritzes as well as beer, wines and spirits. We opted for the 7Pines Spritz and a Goji Super Juice to get things started and to settle into some serious chilling.

We put in our food order and it was attended to very quickly. Our sushi was as fresh and tasty as at any top Japanese restaurant and included a nice mix of nigiri and some spicy tuna rolls. The sushi rice was cooked to creamy-soft perfection. Likewise, our egg-fried rice with chicken was full of chunky vegetables and would grace any Chinese banquet.

After lunch, it was straight back to horizontal on the comfortable day bed to read a book whilst listening to the sound of the gulls floating overhead and before drifting off into a contented snooze.

As the sun began to fade into the west, our day was almost up. But there was still time, and a little budget left, to treat ourselves to a couple of Spicy Margaritas. The ideal way to round off a relaxing day worshipping the sun and celebrating the art of taking it easy.

With the full €100 Day Pass being redeemable against poolside food and drink, and with the added bonus of a 15% discount on spa services, the temptation to treat ourselves to an annual day at 7Pines Resort is a powerful one. Everything about our day was special, from the first cheerful greeting by the car valet, to the smiles of every member of the pool staff, to the quality of the food and beverages.

Full details of the 7Pines Resort Day Passes can be found here. Next time you’re on Ibiza, why not treat yourself?

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