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The beat goes on: Jazz Point Ibiza 2023

A unique Jazz festival born out of a shared love for the music and for Ibiza.

Running from 12 to 15 October, the Jazz Point Ibiza Festival - now in its fourth edition and growing every year - is one of the season’s musical highlights. Seeking to make the island an important part of the international Jazz scene, it is dedicated to bringing leading performers from a variety of genres to perform here in Ibiza.

What makes Jazz Point different from other Jazz festivals, though, is the special bond between its organisers - David Moss and Adam Lenox of the Ibiza Music Agency, and Joel Chriss Productions in New York - and the unique inspiration it draws from the island.

Island resident and festival mastermind, David Moss, sums it up like this: “Jazz Point Ibiza is the expression of my desire to give back to the white island - with its vibrant artistic and musical community - after four happy decades living here. It stems from a foundation of friendship and trust and stands as a heartfelt expression of gratitude to this remarkable island and its people.”

Out of this deep passion for Ibiza and their enduring friendship, the organisers - one a prominent New York City jazz agent - and the other a devoted long-term resident of the island who runs a marketing/publishing company, coupled with a dynamic local music agency, have crafted a world-class Jazz jamboree that is cementing Ibiza’s spot on the world stage.

As David continues, “There comes a moment in one's journey where the desire to give back to the people and the place that have shaped your life becomes paramount.

With venues across the island, the festival features jam sessions, an opulent musical dinner at a top agrotourism hotel, fantastic concerts at the Teatro Ibiza and Can Ventosa, one free concert of the Big Band d'Eivissa, workshops for local aficionados to brush up their skills at the hands of gifted professionals, Latin Jazz, and some of the most outstanding national and international talent.

Anyone who knows Jazz Point Ibiza already knows what to expect: four days and nights of musical pyrotechnics. If you haven’t been before, this is your golden opportunity to find out firsthand what it’s all about.

Tickets are available here

Joel Chriss & David Moss
Adam Lenox on his guitar


Albert Cicera

Alex Sipiagin

Ariel Bringuez

Javier Vercher

Juanma Trujillo

Maria Grand

Marta Sanchez SambeatPerico SambeatTrevor Coleman

Pere Navarro

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