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Chilling by the pool: Hotel Mongibello Ibiza

The best spots on Ibiza to sip cocktails and build your tan.

Our destination for today was the stunning new Hotel Mongibello Ibiza in the resort of Siesta, just outside Santa Eulalia.

Eager to discover the charms of this unique themed hotel, we booked a day pass and prepared to be whisked back in time to a spot on the Amalfi Coast of Italy in the halcyon days of la dolce vita!

From the moment we passed the classic vehicles at the entrance and stepped into its cool reception area, its walls lined with iconic period photos, we knew we were in for something special.

The first thing that grabs you on arrival is the lengths to which the owners have gone to recreate the dolce far niente vibe: the stylish blue and white decor and furnishings and the neo-classical touches a la Gio Ponti.

Then there's the perfectly curated 50s-60s-70s easy-listening soundtrack; quirky memorabilia, the bright pool table, and little nooks such as the vinyl record corner where you can play 45s and jive with friends.

We just had to enjoy an espresso at Mongibello's chic terrace-side cafe.

This place is fun!

All of it combines to instil in guests the sensation of deep relaxation and well-being that's synonymous with being on holiday. It's a clever conceit and one that the Concept Hotel Group behind Mongibello have clearly given a lot of thought to.

We were ushered to our comfy sunbeds in Mongibello's beautiful pool area. By 11:00, it was already full of happy holidaymakers soaking up the easygoing ambience. We couldn't help but notice that most of the guests around the pool were reading books or e-readers, with barely a phone in sight...just happy being in the moment.

The views from the pool area are divine, looking out over "Mongibello's" beach, Es Caló de s'Alga, and out to sea. Everywhere you look is blue: the shimmering pool, the stylish blue and white livery, the waves of the Med beyond and the clear azure sky. It's a dreamlike feeling in this privileged enclave.

Don't forget to pack your retro sunglasses and headscarf and you're all set to join the other bon vivants at this most stylish of hotels.

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