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A taste of... House of WOW

Decor + ambience x food and service = WOW!

It’s always surprising how many people entering House of WOW for the first time cannot help but utter an involuntary… ‘Wow!’ The view that greets you takes a moment or two to process. On this occasion, it was photographer Pete’s turn to have his jaw dropped.

Inhabiting an aircraft-hanger-sized covered terrace near Santa Gertrudis, House of WOW feels more like a stately orangery than a typical restaurant. With tall tropical plants all around - hanging from the ceiling and erupting from large planters - the effect is sensational.

And on a summer’s evening, when the transparent sides are rolled up, the outside trees and palms unite with the inside flora into an explosion of 50 shades of green.

Very classy individual furniture arrangements and the use of clever illumination by long hanging lamps divide up the voluminous space into intimate and sociable sections. The overall effect is stylish and sedate and most of the tables are circular, inviting diners to indulge in the sharing concept that is so popular today.

After dining, there is always the option to retire to the cocktail bar for a classic or shoot a little pool on one of the nicest tables we know on Ibiza. On certain nights the whole venue can come alive as the adjoining music lounge can also play host to a little nocturnal party time.

House of WOW’s management team have set out with a very clear objective, to create a central meeting point on the island where friends and associates can come together from all corners to enjoy traditional comfort food or a cocktail at reasonable prices that buck the current trend on the island.

The principal benchmarks are a modest €40 for a meal and cocktails for a tenner - prices which haven’t really been seen in Ibiza for the best part of a decade. We came along to check out the new additions to the menu and to see if they had adhered to that objective. Happily, we can confirm that they have, and wish to share our enticing photos of the occasion to whet your appetite.

A brace of classic cocktails, at classic prices, sets the night off on a good footing - A Dark and Stormy and a Singapore Sling.

Cheeseless, vegan Pizzetta, topped with sweet veggies and fresh basil.

A delightful House of WOW Salad comprising red cabbage, avocado, carrot, parsley, peanut, and pink onion, with a white balsamic, mustard, lime and sesame oil dressing.

Comforting Mac n Cheese with slow braised beef cheeks an Emmental and Parmesan bechamel. 

Dish of the day - Lamb Picanha drizzled with a delicious Rosemary and mustard salsa. This very lean cut of lamb perfectly embraces its herby dressing.

Boneless Snapper filet with traditional meuniere sauce.

Sweet Potato Fries with a deliciously HOT jalapeño dip is the perfect side order.

Sweet and savoury WOW Cheesecake topped with pecans, grapes, salty caramel and honey.

Fighting against unsustainable price rises, the House of WOW wine list contains 70% home-grown Spanish wines with price and quality at the forefront. We opted for the refreshing Garnatxa Albariño.

Getting the balance right between quality and price is difficult but House of WOW definitely hits the target - right on the money! Book a table soon to meet up with your friends and family and to find out for yourself. 

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