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Lissy Lü chats to... Joseph Capriati about his Metamorfosi

The Neapolitan legend is back at Amnesia for the second year of his party.

Last Monday, our clubbing queen Lissy Lü met with long-reigning underground champ Joseph Capriati to chat about the second year of Metamorfosi. Naturally, the residency could only take place at his Ibiza home of Amnesia

Back for 2023 with five dates, with the first being last Friday 21 July, we delved deep into the depths of his visions for the brand, affiliations with the super-club, as well as his Ibiza beginnings.

Few contemporary electronic music pioneers have a fan base on par with the Neapolitan DJ/producer, and we were keen to get to more about the theory behind the party and its production.

Lissy Lü chats to... Joseph Capriati about his Metamorfosi

You clearly have a great relationship with Amnesia and the team. What is it about this club that makes it so special?

"Amnesia for me is home.

I played in Ibiza for the first time in 2008, with Mauro Picotto at Privilege. I was doing the party Meganite, but nobody really knew me in Ibiza. I also played in 2009, but then I didn't come back for a while. I was playing mostly in Europe, South America and Latin countries.

Then Marco started his Music On Residency in 2012.

We've been friends since 2007, but we never really the shared stage, as I was playing more Techno at that time, but in production I've always been producing different genres. Marco was supporting my music, but we'd never really played together.

The idea was for the Club Room at Music On to be more Techno and The Terrace more his style, you know? Then he called me to see if I was able to do this with him. It was such a big success." 

Lissy Lü chats to... Joseph Capriati about his Metamorfosi

"In the beginning when I played, there would be around 50 people, then it went up to 100. Then by the end of the summer, it would be a full room. So for me, Amnesia and its crowds have always been there supporting me, and they were happy to see me grow.

There is a big connection with the club. I started a crowd from zero, which is why this is such an incredible story. When I left Music On, I told myself I'd be back with something of my own. 

Last year, we did three shows for the first Metamorfosi season. For me, it was a test to check the team, the production. It was a major success, but I knew there was a lot to do to get ready for a proper residency there.

This year we are ready for the five shows. It may not seem like a lot, but they're incredibly produced, so we are really going to give our best."

Lissy Lü chats to... Joseph Capriati about his Metamorfosi

How do you feel about going head to head with Music On?

"I chose to do it on Friday during the pandemic. His nights were on Thursdays, then he changed so I didn't know. It's nothing personal. These things just happen."

The big guest on the first night was Sven Väth, who knows all about Amnesia through his time with Cocoon. That was another Techno party that played on the theme of metamorphosis - were you referencing that in any way with Metamorfosi?

"Metamorfosi is a brand that showcases different styles of music, but when you speak about Sven Väth you speak about a real music legend, who does many styles but mainly Techno. He is Techno.

I've also heard him playing House, but not like classic House, like strong beats with intense synths, using his incredible underground taste. Sven is Ibiza. It's really meaningful for me to start the residency with him. He played for three hours. He likes to play long sets. "

Metamorfosi | Amnesia Ibiza by PHRANK

Back in Amnesia - Sven Väth dominates the Terraza at the Metamorfosi opening party

"It's a blessing for me to see Sven who did Cocoon for almost two decades at Amnesia, then start my own with him."

Has he given you any words of wisdom?

"Actually, we don't speak that much, but every time we see each other he always tells me something wise. He's a gentleman and he's super wise. We really share life's deep thoughts, as well as musically.

Every time I see him, I learn something about life and what's next in music. We do dinner before shows and talk for hours."

Lissy Lü chats to... Joseph Capriati about his Metamorfosi

Tell us a little more about some of the other DJs you have booked. How did you curate your line-ups?

"The line-ups are basically House, groove and melody in the Terraza, and then proper Techno in the Main Room. I've invited some of my favourite artists to the Terraza, including Jamie Jones. We'll play back to back together.

Vintage Culture is coming, Dennis Cruz, then the closing party will be epic. It's going to be an extended set with myself back-to-back with Seth Troxler back-to-back with ANOTR, for about four or five hours to close the summer in a very special way."

An Amnesia favourite - Joseph Capriati b2b Jamie Jones will reunite on 11 August

"I wanted the two rooms to be very different in sounds. A big percent of the people who come to the Terraza, will not go to the other room and vice versa. It's a night for many different crowds.

Also, the Main Room closes an hour before the Terraza, so everyone can really come together if they wish. I can play a proper Techno set at awakenings or Berghain, then play a House set with Louie Vega and play a groovy set in Amnesia - this is me."

Indira Paganotto plays and programmes the Main Room on the first three dates

"I started to put the line-up together and I called Indira Paganotto and she mentioned that she wanted to do more shows. We spoke together and we made with our teams, we decided to have her do the three shows, curating the line-ups."

You must have a lot of trust in her then?

"Big trust, yes! She's a great artist with a huge talent and she's super humble. This is what I love about her.

We got this agreement and she's super happy. We also gave support to her to bring other DJs. We were already speaking to a lot of them and she loved them all, and she helped to bring Charlotte de Witte, which she kindly accepted."

Charlotte de Witte last played at Amnesia in the summer of 2019

"Charlotte normally doesn't do many parties for other DJs. She prefers bookings from a club or under her own brand. So I was very surprised when I heard she'd confirmed. Indira helped make this happen, as she's very close with her. I'm very grateful that she's coming.

We've also got Dax J, Luigi Madonna - really proper Techno."

Will you venture into the club room at all?

"I'm going to play one special warm up in the Main Room remembering my beginnings, because when I was playing Music On, it was inside." 

You also have your birthday party at Cova Santa coming up tomorrow. What can you tell us about that?

"It's a very special day for me. A few years ago we celebrated my birthday with a party at Destino. That was insane. Last year, we did Cova Santa and it was incredible. I played b2b with my brother Jamie Jones.

This year, with Dennis Cruz, Anané and Louie Vega with a special Ritual sunset set. Bobby Shan is warming up.

I like to bring other people along for the ride. I know people like to listen to me, but I like to give them the choice of other incredible legends too. I put myself in the position of the crowd. Cova Santa is produced by my partners at Metamorphosis. I'm going to play three hours every show."

Last winter, you brought Metamorfosi to London. Do you have plans to take the brand to other clubbing destinations this winter?

"We had the first party outside of Ibiza in London in February. It was a big success. We did new visuals, which are now being brought to Ibiza. HERE at Outernet (pictured above) was the venue. It has big screens with high tech features.

We'll be back in London this winter for sure, and all over the world. I select my venues and promoters very carefully. They have to be somewhere I can express my vision. We have to do what we love and it needs to be authentic, always."

Lissy Lü chats to... Joseph Capriati about his Metamorfosi

We cannot wait to see Metamorfosi in all of its glory. The second date in the series with Vintage Culture, Ben Sterling, Mason Maynard and Agents Of Time, as well as Charlotte de Witte and Indira Paganotto, is this coming Friday 28 July.

You can find tickets for that and the remaining dates below.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by Peter Young and PHRANK

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