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A taste of...Zazú

Zazú is the epitome of laid-back, barefoot dining in a beach prime location

A newcomer on the Playa d'en Bossa beach club scene, Zazú Ibiza (pronounced zazoo)  is the epitome of laid-back, barefoot dining in a prime location at the heart of the resort. Fresh and fun, it’s ideal for a meal with friends or the children. 

On arrival, you pass through a vortex-like wooden tunnel that beckons you into another, more exotic world. 

Look closely at the decor, the lush vegetation and the beach club’s distinctive logo and you may find the Disney film The Lion King comes to mind. That’s right: Zazú Ibiza is named after the African hornbill character who appears in it. 

It’s a fitting theme for a young, dynamic beach club characterised by tasty food and drinks, visual flair, eclectic music and - above all - fun! Throughout lunch, we were spoiled with live, themed performances of dance and song which take place on the centre stage and around the tables, bringing an amazing atmosphere to the restaurant. 

The menu is carefully designed to suit all tastes with a truly tantalising range of international fare.

Zazú Ibiza has plenty of expertly mixed cocktails, mocktails and sangrias. We opted for a Moscow Mule, Los Mareados, with Tequila, blackberry liqueur, lime and ginger beer and a fruity, non-alcoholic Mojito.

The salmon tartare with wasabi-flavoured fish roe on a bed of avocado was delightfully piquant.

The pink rose petals were a lovely adornment on nicely presented twin platters of tuna nigiri and salmon uramaki with cream cheese and wasabi mango sauce.

A house speciality, the wild prawn tempura on a guacamole base covered in a rich Lebanese sauce went down very nicely.

When it comes to paella, you can’t beat a Valencian recipe! In this case, a superb Carabinero (Mediterranean deep-sea prawn) paella. Cooked in cuttlefish, the rice was done to a T. 

Dessert comprised a torrija (similar to bread pudding) topped with another Valencian classic, the creamy white drink made from tiger nuts called horchata. It was tasty and nicely textured.

So, next time you fancy some great food and drinks in a beachfront location with a fun, festive atmosphere, give Zazú Ibiza a try. 

“Hakuna Matata”!


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