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Music On assigns immaculate line-up to Destino’s Closing Party

Marco Carola and crew close out the summer on 13 October.

Charged with hosting Destino's Closing Party once again, Marco Carola's formidable Music On rises to the occasion. An immaculate line-up of DJs in store for the Friday 13 October send-off. 

It comes as no surprise that Music On el jefe Marco Carola will lead the closing conquest.

Setting about the open-air booth the only way he knows how, with infectious grooves and his trademark intense presence.

Armed with rhythmic sensibilities and a long-standing relationship with Ibiza's club scene, Luciano (pictured) is a fine choice for the prestigious event. No stranger to Destino either, Luciano makes two-for-two of Techno's finest in attendance.

Relentless UK selector wAFF is also on cue to deliver a spectrum of sounds from Deep House to Tech. Finally, another Brit and Music On ally Calvin Clarke completes the line-up with his dance energy.

The finale kicks off at 17:00 and carries on until midnight. Or does it...?

Much like the music, the party goes on. Once midnight hits, it's down to Ibiza Town for Music On's closing party at Pacha. Music On marathon, anyone?

If last year's end of season pairing between Pacha's lavish Destino resort and Music On is anything to go by, then we have a party of pure epicness on our hands.

And, because that isn't enough, before the end of August, Music On Daytime spans a run of seven Thursdays at Destino. That continues tonight, 29 June, when ANOTR join Carola.

Although we don't want to tempt the thought of summer 2023 coming to an end, you'd be wise to box off the date for Destino's Closing Party now. Head below to secure your spot today.

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