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Food review: UM Beach House

UM Beach House merges location, cuisine, decor, service, and music to create the ultimate seafront dining experience.

Derived from the Japanese word umami, often translated as “essence of deliciousness”, UM Beach House could not be a more appropriate name for this superlative new restaurant in Santa Eulalia. Ideally situated at the spot where the town’s long promenade meets the river, a stone’s throw from the quiet resort of Siesta, it makes its debut this year.

And judging by our meal there, it’s a debut that heralds the arrival of one of summer ‘23’s most promising new beach clubs on Ibiza and a very welcome new concept on Santa Eulalia’s gastro scene.

UM’s location is unbeatable: within walking distance of the town and Siesta - with its popular hotels -, and directly on the beach. In front of it, there’s a beach zone with affordable loungers and parasols (snacks and soft drinks included!) from where you can order its scrumptious fare.

It's a delightfully chilled-out spot thanks to the verdant surroundings and lovely cool breeze off the waters of the Mediterranean. The views are divine. This is barefoot dining at its finest! 

The restaurant is decorated in gentle pastel tones and softly lit, the staff are dressed in rustic-looking, natural garments and the musical accompaniment is upbeat yet mellow. What with its huge canvas roof, you almost feel you’re dining beneath a Bedouin tent beside an enchanted oasis. 

There are two long bars and attractive low-seating areas that are just perfect for an aperitif or a post-meal coffee. On the right as you enter, there’s a nice boutique with stylish beachwear. Overall, it’s clear a lot of thought went into UM to create such a homogenous haven.

Our starters were quick to arrive. Very finely sliced zucchini carpaccio adorned with caviar

Tuna and sea bass tiraditos with citrus and sprouts in a bright, spicy, lemony sauce. We polished both off in short order. 

Next to appear was a seasonal tomato tartare with spiced oil and black olive ‘tapenade’. The colourful, cylindrical tower of freshly cubed tomatoes left a nicely piquant touch in the mouth.

Though utterly delicious, our starters had thus far been light; time for something a bit more filling. Our charming, multitasking head waiter, Ramos, suggested quesadillas. Within a few minutes, they arrived. Made with pulled pork, avocado, tartar sauce and cheddar cheese, and served with ‘pico de gallo’ and chipotle chilli sauce, they elicited appreciative comments among the team. Ándale!

The main course arrived, a generous portion of firm, succulent turbot with plenty of tender vegetables - done perfectly, just on the crisp side. Heaven for fish fans!

Bringing up the rear of this feast, dessert was easily the equal of what had come before.

The team swooned over Death by Chocolate. Creamy chocolate, with white chocolate sand, macarons and chocolate crumble ice cream, before finally capitulating to a zesty Red fruit jelly with Bulgarian yoghurt ice cream.

The review team came away with an excellent overall impression of UM Beach House. It ticked all the boxes for a beach club and - what’s more - the prices are reasonable for this level of quality. 

For beach club lovers in the vicinity of Santa Eulalia, it’s a godsend as there is nowhere like it in the area. Above and beyond the delicious food, UM Beach House stands out for its fantastic location - seriously, no other restaurant on the island can boast such a uniquely serene riverside setting - pleasing aesthetics and attentive, friendly staff.

But don't take our word for it; make a reservation and check it out for yourselves. We are certain you will be as delighted by it as we were! 


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