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Hï Ibiza and ADDIF push inclusivity to the forefront of fashion

Promoting visibility for those with functional diversity.

DJ Mag's reigning world's number one club Hï Ibiza is boundary-pushing in more ways than one. On Friday 19 May it dipped its toes into the world of design, for a charity event combining two of the island's most important embodiments: fashion and inclusion.

Founded in 2019, Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day is the first 100 per cent inclusive catwalk in the world. With a mission statement 'to promote visibility for those with functional diversity', the event showcases the creations of some of the industry's most talented designers.

All proceeds from this compassionate event will be donated to Adapted Sports Association of Ibiza and Formentera (ADDIF) with a €20 minimum donation requested upon entry.

Among the influential leaders from the world of fashion, culture and communication, the event provided a platform for eleven models of different ages and abilities, each championed by ADDIF.

Each model was accompanied by their own soundtrack and audiovisual art, as they took to the catwalk at the most technologically advanced club in the world.

Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day | Hï Ibiza

There has been much discussion in recent years about improving diversity on club line-ups and the dancefloor, which Ibiza and in particular The Night League has made great strides in doing. It stands to reason that other creative disciplines look to improve their diversity too.

Yann Pissenem, founder and CEO of The Night League, operators of Hï Ibiza, said "We are proud to open our doors for this third edition of Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day and bring greater visibility to this important cause."

Those in attendance included plus-size modelling ambassador Raquel Villadiego, international model Krys Pasiecznik and singer Rebeka Brown.

Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day | Hï Ibiza

"Hï Ibiza's Inclusion Fashion day was a very special way to experience DJ Mag's world's number club. I'm usually in The Theatre on a packed out dancefloor, so it was great to see the main event space utilised in a different way before its full summer schedule kicks in.

I'm very into fashion and have been since I was young, so to see the works of some of the island's designers being modelled by an all-inclusive catwalk of different models with various disabilities, was something I'd never seen before.

It made me realise how non-inclusive the fashion industry still is. This is what we should be seeing more of in today's world, and should normalise these standards across the board, not just for a one-off event." - Lissy Lübeck

Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day | Hï Ibiza

"There's something special about seeing a usually pumping Ibiza nightclub, in a whole new light. With a huge stage beaming out from the usual DJ holding pen, Hï Ibiza shone its gaze upon the Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day.

Throughout the evening we celebrated the stunning designs of fashion houses from Ibiza and beyond. Individual interpretations of each theme created a portfolio of beautiful garments, some more sophisticated and maybe dinner appropriate, some most definitely more suitable for a wild night at Hï Ibiza."

Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day | Hï Ibiza

"Each model took the stage and had the moment they deserved, cheered and revered as they led a blaze upon the catwalk.

The incredible show from Rebekah Brown was unexpected, but loved by everyone. Her stunning vocals reached the ceiling as she sang Free by Ultra Nate, the perfect way to end the night."
- Hayley Morgan

Ibiza Inclusion Fashion Day | Hï Ibiza

For those that didn't attend, there is also a donation account for people who are unable to attend in person but still wish to contribute. Your contribution could make all the difference and help raise visibility for those less abled.

To make a donation, please find the payment details below:

LaCaixa - IBAN: ES53 2100 2411 6602 0033 5942 
Ibiza Inclusion Events

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