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Food Review: A banquet at Coco Beach

A memorable leisurely lunch at this Playa den Bossa culinary legend

On a warm late spring day, Spotlight's restaurant review crew - we lucky few - returned to Coco Beach at the far western end of Playa den Bossa. The question in our minds was whether the food at this legendary Ibizan institution (now on the cusp of its third decade) could live up to the fabulous feast we enjoyed there last summer. After three hours - it's the kind of place that tempts you to linger - we left fully sated, the answer a resounding Yes!

Please note that in order for us to try a wide variety of dishes (and not get too full), some of the portions shown in the photos are smaller than normal.

Once seated, owner and master chef Jimmy and the ever-delightful hostess Almuth warmly greeted us. Rather than choose from the menu, as we did last year, Jimmy explained that he'd prepared a special menu for us, allowing us to sample a broad range of their top dishes. What ensued was a panoply of culinary marvels, each one small but quite out of this world.

For starters, we were treated to a two-storied platter of Coco Beach's famed amuse-bouches including tasty dips, crunchy crudités and - best of all - Jimmy's signature chicken and pork meatballs. The refreshing pitcher of sangria and a fine Provençal rosé made the perfect companions. 

What came next stunned all four of us: a superbly creamy lobster and crayfish soup served up in a tureen, the likes of which you've never seen before! This delicately seasoned, bright orange ambrosia had us in raptures. 

Here we had a chance to recover, the ever-attentive waiters (who remembered us and our preferences a full 12 months after our previous visit) proceeded to place another Coco Beach classic before us: crispy "Röstis". These Austrian-style hash browns, topped with a generous dollop of Royal Iranian caviar and accompanied by sour cream, chives and a quail's egg, were quite simply outstanding. Make sure to try them when you go

The food at Coco Beach is not only delicious but also very visually appealing. The two dishes that followed typify the care and attention lavished on presentation. First came the tuna tataki, thick slabs of fresh yellowtail tuna in a piquant miso sauce with cubes of mango, wasabi-encrusted edamame beans and sesame seeds.

After a short break, a succulent Stroganoff made with choice American beef. 

At this point, we demurred about dessert. However, one look at the menu and we immediately caved in. Jimmy obliged with a sampling tray comprising chocolate mousse in a tangy passion fruit coulis, artfully carved mango and glazed forest fruits. Heavenly!

As we left, the waiters were drawing down the plastic curtains and turning on the indoor heaters to make it nice n' cosy for the dinner service. Eager diners were already arriving. As this gastronomic hotspot's many loyal fans will attest, whether it's breakfast on the beach, lunch or dinner, Coco Beach never fails to delight.

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