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A taste of... Terramar Ibiza

We sample the menu and are bowled over by the warm welcome and the surprises hidden within.


Having conducted many food reviews down the years, it's the ones that take you by surprise that prove to be the most rewarding. In the information-driven internet age, it really makes you feel like you've stumbled upon something magical.

In lots of ways, Terramar Ibiza's Cala Llonga location and its unassuming restaurant front betray the quality on offer that they shield.

This is somewhere you can eat exceptionally well, sampling the best the Mediterranean has to offer. Terramar's culture shows loving devotion to its ingredients and how they're sourced, with a particular emphasis on fresh fish.

Terramar Ibiza

It's possible you might already be familiar with Terramar or at least the name. Based on the north coast of Spain, the chain of restaurants has locations from the top to bottom of the country, including Madrid.

Anybody who has frequented any of the other outlets will be thrilled to learn that there is continuity across the menus. The same ingredients and the same attention to detail is applied at all locations. Terramar Ibiza's Sevillian head chef is invested in this mindset. Equally, he and his multi-national kitchen team have taken the Ibizan way of life to their heart.

The anchovies and boquerones are simply prepared, but packed with flavour. But it's the tender smoked eel, flame-torch-finished at your table by your waiter, that is the biggest wonder.

Terramar Ibiza

Our culinary experience peaks with the mouth-watering ceviche and the steak tartare. The capers add a subtle but welcome salty quality, pulled together by the gooey egg yolk in the latter. Both mains excel. Browse our slider above for more.

Crucially, Terramar Ibiza does not alienate locals or the average holidaymaker with absurd pricing. You can comfortably order multiple dishes without breaking the bank. While it doesn't label itself explicitly as "tapas", Terramar's menu is an open-invitation to sharing.

The more than affordable price point breaks with the norm on an island seemingly insistent with pursuing tourists of a particular affluence.

Those who seek high-end dining should not be deterred either. The quality of the dishes dwarfs the humble setting. It's this surprise that sparkles brightest. Stop by and check it out.

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