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Party preview | Old Town, new horizons for IMS Grand Finale

All you need to know about the once-a-year alfresco party in Dalt Vila on Friday 28 April.

About International Music Summit Grand Finale

Over the years, the opening party season has been elongated, as the tourist season itself has grown.

Even so, the opening weekend is still the most important - and it holds that much gravitas thanks to International Music Summit and IMS Grand Finale. It's the nucleus around which all the other opening parties group.

The entire dance music industry is in town, for one. Equally, Ibiza has been in hibernation mode since October. Are we a little rusty? Is there some apprehension? Pre-season nerves? All of the above. But the energy, the desire, knowing that another summer is upon us - unrivalled.

Want to know more? We answer the big questions: when? where? who? why? and how?


Friday 28 April, 17:00 to midnight

IMS Grand Finale is the culmination of International Music Summit itself. The outdoor party in the Old Town is an annual tradition, arriving at the end of three days of networking, intense debate and keynote addresses. This busy period is regarded as Ibiza's season's curtain-raiser.

IMS Grand Finale | Dalt Vila

The conference and industry meet-up is a great excuse for a party. All those bods from the music business, concentrated together - a party is inevitable. Flights and hotels are much more affordable compared to peak summer, making it an excellent time to visit.


Dalt Vila - You know, that towering structure that overlooks Ibiza Town, sometimes referred to as a "castle".

Founded by The Phoenician settlers but acquired and upgraded by each successive occupier, the majority of Dalt Vila's walls were constructed between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. Such is its historical significance, it's recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Specifically, IMS Grand Finale takes place on Baluarte de Santa Lucia, which is the north-facing battlement on the lower level of the fortress. By day, it gives unrivalled views across the port and out to sea. By night, you see the whole town lit up below. Spectacular in both cases.


Fresh from being announced as the new hosts of Tuesday nights at Pacha, CAMELPHAT get the call to headline this year's Grand Finale. That shouldn't be too much of a burden for a duo who is prolific on all fronts.

Each year is seemingly bigger than the last for Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala with 2023 set to eclipse the previous 12 months. That starts with a bucket load of new music, from artists who don't stop producing music. A follow-up studio album is ready and waiting.

IMS Grand Finale | Dalt Vila

That means that Dalt Vila attendees will be amongst the first to hear brand new tracks as CAMELPHAT continue their exploration of Progressive House and Melodic Techno. This eerie sound, under the moon and with dry ice rising paints quite a picture.

Second on the bill, ANNA will play the only solo set of the evening. Another artist putting the final preparation on her album, the Brazilian Techno princess will also have a shed load of new material to treat us to.

Earlier in the day, a gallery of trademark IMS Grand Finale back-to-backs lay in store.

IMS Grand Finale | Dalt Vila

Both conference hosts get their pick of b2b partners. Pete Tong buddies up with Kölsch, while Jaguar and TAAHLIAH go at it. Perhaps most interesting of all, Jellybean and Layla of the Benitez dynasty defy the generations in a father-daughter back-to-back. That will be special.


We'll make this easy for you. Because...

  • it happens once a year. You won't get another chance until April 2024
  • it's the official curtain-raiser to summer - the first BIG party of Ibiza 2023
  • it's truly one of the most jaw-dropping party locations anywhere in the world
  • it's a chance to get a sneak peek of what CAMELPHAT have lined up for their new Pacha residency
  • you deserve it after three solid days of intense industry discussion in an artificially-lit, air conned room
  • how many other people can say they've partied in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, huh?

IMS Grand Finale | Dalt Vila


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IMS Grand Finale actually has a reduced capacity in 2023, so securing your ticket early is more essential than ever. Get yours today.

International Music Summit IMS Grand Finale listings - 2023

Dalt Vila

International Music Summit IMS Grand Finale

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