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Line-ups out for both Kiss UK Pool Parties at O Beach

The live FM broadcasts are going to be off the chart.

During summer, O Beach sells out most days - a reminder to buy your tickets early (and take advantage of our generous cancellation policy if necessary!) Two dates that prove especially popular are the Kiss UK Pool Parties. Tickets always go in record time - and for good reason.

Not to be confused with the weekly Kisstory, which is also very popular, the Kiss UK Pool Parties take over the day club twice each summer. This year's dates are 27 May and 26 August.

Now the line-ups for both takeovers are out and are going to be off the chart.

Station presenters Anton Powers, TCTS and SHOSH all combine for the first date. For the later season date, it's Majestic, DJ SKT and LWK.

One of the best things about these parties is that they're broadcast live on the radio back home in the UK. That means you can make your friends back home even more jealous than usual, as they tune in and hear what they're missing out on.

Scream loud enough and they'll be sure to hear you! Get us in that pool already.

Tickets are on sale now. Grab yours below. As a reminder, these tickets come with our free cancellation guarantee. Cancel anytime up to 24 hours before the party starts and receive a full refund. Essential for securing your ticket, yet giving you flexibility if your plans change.

Kiss UK Pool Party listings - 2023

O Beach Ibiza

KISS UK Pool Party

O Beach Ibiza

KISS UK Pool Party

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