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Flower Power’s magic lights up Cova Santa

Ibiza's classic retro party is just as vibrant in its new outdoor location.

Last Saturday, Pacha's legendary Flower Power party returned to Cova Santa for the latest in its new outdoor format.

Ibiza Spotlight sent out its veteran reporters – suitably attired -  to cover the event.

Swinging Sixties

Notable for being the groundbreaking first cross-collaboration between Ibiza giants Pacha Group and Amnesia-owned Cova Santa, the party kicked-off at 19:00.

The open-air setting is ideal, lending the party something of the original air of liberty that characterised the island back in the '60s. This free-spirited vibe made the island a magnet for free thinkers, Bohemians and those with alternative lifestyles from all four corners of planet Earth.

Flower Power's organisers have gone to great lengths to decorate the venue and create a colourful, welcoming atmosphere. From peace signs and mock-up VW combis to cut-out Swinging Sixties figures and famous slogans, the overall execution did a good job of transporting attendees to those halcyon days.

Decked out in bandannas, Afro wigs, bell bottom jeans, Paisley shirts and tinted 'Lennon glasses', the friendly crew set the perfect tone as they weaved amongst the partygoers.

Time tunnel

Upon entering, the first thing we encountered was a raised stage on which groups of long-haired musicians sat strumming guitars and even a sitar! We almost expected George Harrison to stand up at any minute.

The smell of joss sticks, patchouli and other sweet fragrances wafted through the air.

The whole scene skilfully ushered us into the time tunnel that is Flower Power Ibiza.

Modestly full to begin with, yet by 22:00 the venue had filled up with a fun-loving crowd obviously eager to enjoy this iconic event in its new surroundings.

Naturally, Flower Power tends to draw an older, more world-weathered clientele, but it was encouraging to see groups of young people equally keen to dance and sing along to the '60s and '70s sounds played by experienced Pacha DJ, Victor Nebot.

Once the music and theatrics wound down outside, we migrated inside, continuing in Cova Santa's underground disco – complete with psychedelic visuals - until 05:00. Defying the mileage on the clock, our fellow veteran clubbers and us danced the night away until we were asked to leave.

With the dancers swaying on the stages above and plenty of good vibrations on the dancefloor, the future of this free-flowing festival of frivolity looks bright.

If all goes well, clubbers seeking the special ambience of Flower Power will be able to enjoy this extravaganza of retro revelry at Cova Santa more frequently next season.

Until then, you have one more opportunity this summer. Get to Cova Santa on Saturday 24 September and hark back to the golden age of hippy Ibiza. Head below to buy your ticket.

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