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What's in Sven Väth's record bag?

Here are five of the vinyl treasures Papa Sven has been playing out in Ibiza 2022.

Going way back, Sven Väth has always helped break records. By Ibiza standards, perhaps more than any other DJ before him and at present. Although the way tracks are released and their shelf-life has changed considerably since 1999, what hasn't changed is Sven's ear for a tune.

Trust us when we say, he currently has some monsters in his trusted bag of vinyl.

For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to see him play yet, the question remains: what is in Sven Väth's record bag?

Luckily, we have the inside scoop*. And by "inside scoop", what we mean is, we've caught him numerous times already this summer, including Amnesia, Las Dalias, Pikes and DC10.

Now it might be that the unknown is where the excitement lies, and you'd far rather be surprised. In that case, we totally understand. Here is your chance to check-out and read no further.

For those who are curious, continue reading...

It's no given that these will be played, just take them as a reference for the kind of tracks you may hear at Club Chinois on Tuesday 27 September.

Ross From Friends | High Energy | Ostgut Ton

From the banging to the melodic, to the down right trippy, Sven has it all in his arsenal and this contribution by Ross From Friends falls into the latter category. Because half the fun is just getting weird on the dancefloor!

Damiano von Erckert | Let's Hide Away | Live At Robert Johnson

Sven isn't all Techno. This feelgood, sun-drenched House track from Damiano von Erckert is sure to put a little sunshine in your life. An energy-boosting, hug-inducing number to give the dancefloor than extra bit of lift.

Krystal Klear | Telephone | Running Back

Krystal Klear's seismic Neutron Dance was a huge record for Sven back in 2018, and he again looks to the Irish producer and Running Back camp for this current track. Dec Lennon channels Italo Disco once more with his sparkling signature synth-y sound. 

The Aztec Mystic | Knights Of The Jaguar | Underground Resistance

An oldie, but a goldie - and a certified Ibiza classic too. Sven always pulls out some records from yesteryear and this beauty from The Aztec Mystic (AKA DJ Roland) is as fair game as any. Of course, take your pick, alternatively we might find ourselves swaying to Underworld or Lil' Louis.

Bicep | Atlas | Ninja Tune

Released in early 2020, Atlas was the lead single from Bicep's follow-up album Isles. Despite dropping at a funny time in the world, it nevertheless became an instant classic. Over two years later, it's sweeping euphoria across dancefloors. A favourite for Sven to end the night on.

That should plenty to whet the appetite of all you Sven fans.

You can expect to hear some of these, plus lots more incredible music on Tuesday 27 September for Sven's second Catharsis date at Club Chinois. Tickets can be found below.

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