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Nobu Hotel's Rooftop Summer Series reaches new heights

What's going on up on the roof of Nobu in Talamanca Bay?

As we move into high season, the 2022 Rooftop Summer Series at Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel has also moved into top gear. Offering an alternative to the typical night out on Ibiza, the Series delves into the wonderful world of wellness and explores personal development in immersive and participatory ways.

Rooftop Summer Series includes a programme of holistic activities and mind-broadening presentations aimed at improving your health and well-being during your stay on Ibiza and are open to all comers - as long as they come with an open mind…

Each session is hosted by experts in their own fields and will take you on thought-provoking or physically stimulating journeys, awakening your creativity, sexuality, or consciousness.

With the exquisite atmosphere of NOBU’s rooftop location, the stunning view over Talamanca Bay and a gentle evening breeze caressing the skin, participants are guaranteed to have a memorable experience of deep relaxation, inspiration and inner bliss. Beneath the limitless expanse of blue sky, this is the perfect location for taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of the city and letting go of your everyday cares.

What’s more, after every session there is a chance to relax with your fellow participants and take in the view with a refreshing aperitif and live music or a DJ to uplift you.  

We went along to two of the sessions to find out for ourselves:

The Suco Sessions

The monthly Suco Sessions are a wholesome, joyous affirmation of life and liberation. Ecstatic feeling is generated by expressive dance sessions, combining electronic music with meditation.

Participants receive a healthy welcome shot at arrival, and start getting into the mood with ambience music to warm up their minds.

When the Suco Session begins, everyone is equipped with their personal headphones. It’s quite amusing to watch as an outsider because you don't only hear the voice of instructor Jamie but also the deep, tribal music soundtrack. Nevertheless, on this occasion, everyone let themselves go, releasing their tension and inhibitions, which is far easier in a group than you might think.

Jamie played “games” with us, making us interact with strangers, to trust in one another, to be playful and to enjoy the moment - always in time with the music.

By the end everyone was dancing and moving under the light of the full moon. It was a fabulous experience - completely unique and totally elevating. And of course, in that setting, with Dalt Vila in the background and the sea and moon, we were full of gratitude.

After the session the event continued with more music in a great atmosphere where people could enjoy delicious food in true Nobu style, as well as healthy drinks or even creative cocktails to end up the night in the sweetest way.

The Alchemy Journey

A unique blend of breathwork, music and crystal singing bowls, the Alchemy Journey by Christinajade took us inward with deliberate breathing and living in the moment.

Initially, a series of guided breathwork cycles accompanied by hand-selected music tracks, supported participants in their attempt to let go of unnecessary emotional baggage while focusing their attention on the present. Christinajade repeatedly highlighted the interconnectedness of all existing things and the importance of clearing out mental, emotional and physical blockages in order to reach a state of heightened awareness.

The second part of the session provided room for free meditation, individual reflections and a live sound bath using crystal singing bowls. A key element in sound healing therapy, their vibration is said to boost the immune system, aid dynamic breathing and improve mental wellbeing.

Afterwards, there was the chance to purchase some of the items used during session, such as yoga pillows, herbal incense or crystal necklaces with semi-precious stones.

Overall, the evening formed an amazing alternative (or addition) to the loud nightlife that Ibiza is so famous for, and it will have appealed to any yogi and yoginis, Pilates-enthusiasts, freedivers, or indeed anyone wanting to breathe deliberately and live deeply.

There is plenty more to enjoy and discover as the Series continues throughout the summer with more Alchemy Journeys on 27 August and Suco Sessions on 12 August and 10 September. There is an Awakening Creativity Show on 19 July, Conscious Sexuality and Wumanas Session on 2 August and a Female Empowerment Evening on 16 August.

Check out the events on Nobu Roof Terrace for further information and to reserve your places.

Words: Florentina Winger and Katharine Uhlig

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