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Season preview | Exploring the tomb of Pyramid

What to expect on Sundays at Amnesia.

Since Amnesia launched its in-house production Pyramid in 2018, the underground party has always had one foot in the past while striding boldly forward with the other. Honouring the heritage of the scene, yet determined to make history of its own.

In much the same way, we used our experiences at this year's early season warm-up to look forward to the season ahead.

We sent our freelance clubbing reporter Stefano Lariccia to both the warm-up and Amnesia's Opening Party so he could report back on his findings.

As Pyramid enters a new phase, as well as taking a new night of the week, we speculate at what's in store on Sundays over the coming months.

What clues could be unearthed in the tomb of the Pyramid?

The Sound of Pyramid

Present at the warm-up date, Swiss-Chilean wizard Luciano is back several times in 2022. The Terrace feels like the good old times whenever he plays, with electricity in the air. Consistent in his delivery, Luciano conjures his jumpy and loopy Tech House sounds.

Over in the Main Room, things go a little darker. Berghain legend Ben Klock, another guest at the warm-up, typifies the kind of music you expect there. Powerful, edgy Techno that hits you in the chest and accelerates your heartbeat.

Music that is sublime in its simplicity: heavy bass and a hypnotic loop that repeats until it melts in another track. Powerful, adrenaline-packed Techno to get you bouncing. Relentless, hands-in-the-air energy.

Another of Berlin's most prized exports, Marcel Dettmann, played a few weeks later at Amnesia's opening and returns for Pyramid.

Known for mixing with surgical precision, Dettmann selects music as sharp as a blade, yet paradoxically as smooth as honey when it enters our ears. Always at the top of his game, Dettmann fuels our Techno euphoria with a playlist that we can't help but be entranced by.

Tracks that make you want to dance without a moment's pause.

These three artists are the perfect delineation of what is going to happen this season. Three pillars of modern underground electronic music - Tech House, Techno and Minimal - perfectly assimilated under one-roof. This is how Pyramid will continue to sound heading into summer.

Looking at what has been prepared for us, we can expect a distinctly Berlin sound each week in the Main Room. The likes of 999999999, I Hate Models and Héctor Oaks all appear, while Marcel Dettmann is back thrice, including an unmissable back-to-back with old partner Ben Klock.

Additionally, there's also eclectic performances, from Four Tet, who is an Ibiza exclusive and the showstopping date with Bicep (live) set for 4 September.

Bespoke production

Taking inspiration from Amnesia's iconic emblem and a fountain sculpture from way, way back in the day, geometry is at the heart of Pyramid's visual identy.

Combining tetrahedronic shapes with state of the art production, lasers and lighting, Pyramid has a feel that is entirely its own.

You will see triangles everywhere you look.

3rd Dimension

Since its inception in summer 2018, Pyramid has strived to bring back the glory years of Ibiza clubbing. Part of that is not only being able to dance from dusk until dawn, but for 2022 the introduction of outdoor space 3rd Dimension.

Offering 11 hours of dancing for each edition, Pyramid's music starts outside at 19:00 running until 23:00 when the action relocates inside.

This type of programming really feels like a nod to the days of We Love. Back in the day, clubbers would hole up inside the club for the full day, moving from room to room as the tempo and lighting changed.

Amnesia residents as well as a few unannounced guests will be warming-up the early arrivals each and every week. Early entry tickets can be purchased for only €35 and include two drinks - great value for those intending to arrive before 21:00.

Pyramid starts its 2022 season this coming Sunday 12 June. The opening party sees sets from Four Tet (Ibiza exclusive), Ricardo Villalobos and KiNK (live) on The Terrace, with Adam Beyer and Lilly Palmer heading up the Main Room. Hector Couto and Caal play 3rd Dimension.

Are you ready to rave?

If you want to explore all that Pyramid's tomb has to offer, then head below to find your dates and buy your tickets.

WORDS | by Stefano Lariccia and Stephen Hunt

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