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Ibiza Virgins' Guide to boat parties

Dancefloors that float.

Ibiza is a party destination like no other and one of the best and most popular things about it, is our wide selection of boat parties.

Sure boat parties can be found at various island and coastal locations around the world, you might say. True. But none have the Mediterranean sea, an up-for-it young crowd and a crop of internationally renowned DJs at their disposal quite like Ibiza does.

Ibiza's surroundings waters are not only some of the most inviting in Europe, but we think they give those found in more exotic places a run for their money.

Boat parties offer the chance to experience this, all whilst partying carefree and living your best life - a double-whammy.

Why choose boat parties?

Ibiza's climate lends itself to daytime partying and with the sea on our doorstep, boat parties are like an enhanced version that make the most of Ibiza's natural features.

No matter if your travelling solo or part of a larger group of friends, boat parties are the ideal way to meet like-minded people of a similar age and taste. Nobody is booking a boat party to get some extra Zzzzzzz in, although some are more laid back than others.

Why else should you go? Let's not mince our words here, for singletons, boat parties are a great place to flirt! Your fellow passengers are going to be in a relaxed, feel-good mood and up for a great time. The drinks will be flowing and so will the banter.

With everybody dressed in their favourite new bikini or designer swim shorts, showing off their tan... well, need we say any more? There's often more exposed flesh than we know where to look.

And for those of you who are coupled-up and lucky enough to be holidaying with your partner, there's also at least one sailing that has a romantic edge. More about that later.

There also a great way to see part of the island you otherwise wouldn't. As much as we love San Antonio and Playa d'en Bossa, there's so much more that Ibiza has to offer.

Her gorgeous coastline and warm, crystal clear waters are demanding to be explored and enjoyed. Yes, there will be swim stops. So get yourself in the water and benefit from the re-energising properties of the sea. We're huge advocates of its healing prowess.

Aside from all that, the sense of freedom you get from dancing on deck in the sun is unbeatable. It's a very liberating experience. Once you try it, you'll understand exactly what we mean.

How do they work?

Boat party operators sail at various times during the week. For all of them, you meet at a designated meeting point, usually a bar or restaurant, a couple of hours before setting-off.

Here you will meet your fellow passengers, collect your wristband and be given any additional information specific to your boat party.

This is your chance to sink a few cheap drinks and get yourselves into a party frame of mind. Sometimes there's even drinks included in price, so you may as well take advantage but please remember to know your limits. Boat parties are fun, but not if you're feeling a bit queasy.

Once everybody has signed-in, organisers will then lead the whole group to the boarding point, usually a short walk away. It's important that you follow instruction and don't go directly to the boat of your own accord. This could affect your booking and you may not be allowed to board.

After your trip has finished, the boat will return to same point for disembarkation. From here, several boat parties offer upgrades to carry on the party elsewhere at one of the clubs.

Make sure you know when and where you need to be for the next leg. This might be at a bus stop or at the club itself, but will almost certainly be time-critical. 

San Antonio boat parties

Setting off from the west side of the island, San Antonio's boat parties all share one thing in common: sunsets.

We're sure you will have heard much about Ibiza's legendary sunsets. Boat parties are amongst the best ways to appreciate this natural wonder. After an afternoon of dancing your soul out, the final descent of the sun takes on an even more profound meaning.

You definitely get a sense of main-character-syndrome as you watch the sun disappear below the horizon line, with your arms around the shoulders of friends old and new. Simply magical. It'll feel like it was wrapped up especially for you.

Just like the parties at the clubs, each boat party has its own set of characteristics - some subtle, some big.

Pukka Up

Given its been around a long time and throws boat parties all over the place, including the UK, Pukka Up might be the most well known. Its fun-filled, tri-weekly sailings include complimentary admission to O Beach the day after, with the option to include club entry on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Basically, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck making this one of the best value days out on Ibiza.


Float Your Boat

Ibiza, and specifically the sunset spots on its west coast, isn't all fist-pumping, 130 bpm club music. We're also the island of Balearic Beat and Chill Out music. This is electronic music that's slightly more downtempo, maybe even orchestral. It's the stuff that your nan might even find palatable, fit for quiet contemplation. Less obvious; more subtle.

Float Your Boat (FYB) taps into this ambient mindset. Its breezy soundtrack starts off slow and reflective but gradually moves up the gears. By the time the sun has disappeared, the mood has flipped and it's time to find your dancing feet as dusk settles.

This is Ibiza in a nutshell. Calm and relaxing by daylight and vigorously energetic after nightfall.

Float Your Boat just manages to condense that dual existence into its own self-styled, three hour sailing. MORE INFO & TO BOOK

Lost In Ibiza

Are you proper into your dance music? Do you consider yourself to have real underground tastes? Then Lost In Ibiza is probably the boat party for you. Lost In Ibiza is hugely popular simply because its one of the few boat parties where you can guarantee big name DJs will play.

Past guests have included Alan Fitzpatrick, Richy Ahmed and Max Chapman to give you an idea of the calibre of DJ you can expect.

Oh, and we should say it's a double-decked, 200 person capacity catamaran kitted out with a Funktion One sound system.

Lost In Ibiza also collaborates with Jamie Jones' Paradise night at Amnesia, so you can upgrade tickets and save yourself some money with a package deal. That is unbelievable value.


Playa d'en Bossa boat parties

Okay, so boat parties from Playa d'en Bossa on the east side of the island, might not have the same uninterrupted view of sunset of their San Antonio counterparts. That said, many of them do return to port around sunset and you still get that sense of day turning to dusk.

What they do have, however, is their own USPs that make them very attractive prospects.

Like sister island Formentera. If Formentera isn't on your radar, then it should be. Less famous and less commercial, but what it lacks in reputation it more than makes up for in stunning beauty.

Seasoned boat party operator Cirque de la Nuit has two new experiences to offer and Ibiza Boat Club "Formentera with Benefits" is one of them.

Ibiza Boat Club "Formentera with Benefits"

Remember we said earlier about more leisurely, romantic sailings? Ibiza Boat Club's Formentera all-dayer was definitely at the forefront of our minds. For all intents and purposes, this is a floating beach club. It's spacious with luxury recliners, top service and quality food and drinks.

We haven't got to the best part yet! This eight and a half hour sailing takes you to the most gorgeous spots between Ibiza and Formentera - just Google "Espalmador" and "Ses Illetes" and you'll see what we mean. Instagram-able boat, Instagram-able beaches, Instagram-able people.

This isn't a full-on party boat, so don't expect thumping dance music. Think more chilled beats. A variety of drinks are still inclusive and the food is, well, to die for.


Ibiza Boat Club "Brunch on the Boat"

Its other offering is Ibiza Boat Club "Brunch on the Boat".

Much more lively than option number one, Brunch on the Boat makes use of an onboard VOID sound system. In case you don't know what that means, it's basically means it's super loud and clear and exactly what you want from a party boat.

Although the boat is kitted out to the same luxury spec as the Formentera trip, this is definitely more a thrill-seekers sailing that condenses everything into three hours. As well as vigorous dance music, there's also fun water activities in addition to gourmet food and unlimited drinks.


Only Ibiza Boat Party

Only Ibiza Boat Party is the third and final option from Playa d'en Bossa, but what an option. How does this sound for unique...?

So you now know all about boat parties, but have you heard about foam parties? Now combine the two and what do you have? That's right, a foam party that takes place on a boat! Revolutionary.

With podium dancers, free-flowing drinks, refreshing fruit platters, freshly-prepared paella and then those soaking foam cannons, this is boat party that goes above and beyond. We told you Ibiza's are on a level of their own, didn't we? Now do you believe us?



Things you'll need to remember to bring with you:

  • sun cream - there's no mercy from the sun on deck and you're not as clever as you think you are by not lotioning up
  • towel
  • change of clothes - nobody likes walking around in soggy underwear
  • travel tablets - not strictly necessary, but may be useful for anybody with a history of motion sickness. Available to buy from island-wide pharmacies


This article is part of our Ibiza Virgins' Guides, packed full of information on how to get the most out of your stay on Ibiza. Check them out.

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