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Riding the wave to a greener future

Ibiza Town Council installs four refill points to supply tourists and residents with free drinking water and reduce plastic waste

In a ground-breaking move to reduce dependence on single-use plastic bottles, Ibiza Town Council has installed four public water fountains in the town. The fountains, which provide free filtered potable water, mean that residents and tourists will be able to refill their sustainable water bottles and thus cut down on plastic waste.

The initiative is a collaboration with, a non-profit Balearic-based collective who recognise the urgent need to provide solutions to the growing problem of single-use plastic, replacing a throw-away mentality with a more ecologically aware re-use mindset

To put it in context, in the Balearic Islands the staggering amount of around 1.5 million plastic bottles of water are consumed per day. That’s a rate of consumption no less than double that of the mainland!

The Council has installed the first two fountains in Plaza Sa Graduada, in the town centre, and Plaza Julià Verdera, beside the beach in Figueretas. The other two will be on Paseo Juan Carlos I, which runs along the marina, and in Parque de la Paz, on Avenida Isidor Macabich.

You can find their exact locations as well as those of restaurants offering free filtered water on Cleanwave’s app. Armed with that inspiring information, you can now enjoy your holiday in Ibiza knowing that you are doing your bit to preserve the island’s ecology.

Since it was founded in 2017, the Cleanwave Foundation claims its refill points have saved over 11 million bottles. That's an impressive contribution towards creating a better environment. Ultimately, the organisation's dream is to see disposable plastic waste disappear entirely from the Balearic Islands by 2030.

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