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Chaos on the cards as NERVO take over Wednesdays at Eden

No midweek lull in San Antonio.

Eden continues its sterling job of mixing things up with its latest announcement.

Strap yourselves in, we reckon this could be a bumpy ride, as highly enthusiastic, go-getting party animals NERVO take on Wednesdays.

NERVONation runs peak summer from 29 June until 17 August, proving there's no midweek lull in San Antonio this year.

Known for their high-tempo sets and infectious personalities, Liv and Mim are offering citizenship to anyone crazy enough to hang with them, be the last on the dancefloor and still have stamina left long after kick-out time.

If you fit the criteria, you may be eligible to be fast-tracked to dopamine hotspot NERVONation.

With their neon-clad attire, bright dyed hair and relentless energy, NERVO are evidence that blondes do indeed have more fun!

To ride the wave of euphoria, head below and scoop up those tickets.

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