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The most side-splitting scenes from Kevin & Perry Go Large

The funniest - and cringiest - bits of the 2000 favourite.

After two years of set-backs, Ibiza finally kicks back into gear in 2022.

One of the parties originally scheduled for 2020 that caused quite a stir, was the Kevin & Perry Go Large 20th Anniversary reunion at Amnesia.

In fact, there was so much commotion around the event, that Amnesia felt duty bound to continue with its plans two years on. Better late than not at all.

With two dates planned for this summer, Monday 6 June and Tuesday 27 September, we thought we'd revisit the film and pick out the funniest scenes.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.


Ah, to be a teenager again and hurl superfluous insults.

All those hormones racing around your body, a growing sense of independence grappling with a high-level of parental dependency, combined with a strong anti-authority defiance. Plus, you think you know it all at that age, right? Your teens can be a confusing time.

Despite being 39 and 36 at the time of filming, Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke nail their portrayals of clueless, sex-obsessed adolescents to a tee.

In one of the film's earlier scenes, our protagonist is caught telling fibs about a sexual conquest - and is publicly berated by the girl in question. A valuable lesson learned.

Timely use of Barber's Adagio For Strings, as Kevin skulks off with his tail between his legs and Perry in tow.

Church mourners gather

This scene is fondly remembered for Kenneth Cranham's brief appearance as the vicar eulogising Kevin. Probably the most convincing acting in the entire 82 minutes.

Reading from the suicide note, "I didn't mean to cause you any pain, Mum, but you shouldn't have made me waaash."

Oh, we should mention, it's all a daydream. Kevin doesn't die. That would be bleak.

"Your face offends my mirror"

Ouch. Quite the put down. Poor Candice and Gemma. Paul Whitehouse's door picker is scathing in his rejection. That cab ride home is going to sting.

We've not seen a door policy run quite so militantly in our time on Ibiza. That said, with such beautiful crowds generally, it's not something the door staff here have to worry about too much.

Later in the film, keep your eyes peeled for Eastender's actor Steve McFadden in a similar role.

Eyeball Paul's plumbing issues

You know what it's like, you've just met your DJ idol in Ibiza and are totally in awe of their celebrity status, hanging off every word they say... only they turn out to be, well, a bit of a dick. We've been there.

Kevin & Perry are summoned to Eyeball Paul's apartment, spotting the ideal opportunity to hand the superstar DJ their latest mix. But it turns out to be ruse.

Exploiting their star-struck adulation of him, Rhys Ifans' vile character sets them to work with some menial house chores.

"Oh, and boys, you'll see I've just had a bangin' s*** in the bog - won't flush. Might have to push it down." Grim.

"It's a floater!"

Gross-out comedy at its best.

If there's one way to ruin the tranquillity of Benirras, it's having to dodge human excrement in the shallows. Thankfully, we've never faced that dilemma in real-life. In fact, Ibiza's beaches and surrounding waters are amongst the cleanest and clearest in Europe.

But when this came out, it had us looking over our shoulder even more than Jaws did.

Candice & Gemma's make-over

Those with a queasy disposition should look away. Or better yet, skip this scene entirely. The boundaries of taste and decency are pushed to the limit by the scriptwriters here. A montage of plucking, preening and bodily maintenance will test the strength of the strongest stomachs.

Though in fairness, Candice and Gemma scrub up alright.

Also worthy for this exchange between the title characters:

Perry: "How long have they been?"
Kevin: "Only four hours."
Perry: "Oh, that's not too bad."

Head below to pick up tickets for either date of the Kevin & Perry Go Large reunion.

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