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Eden gets the ball rolling

Clubbing is back on Ibiza with last night's first instalment of WNDRLND!

Finally, some 654 days after our last legal footwork, dancing has returned to Ibiza! Eden got the glitterball rolling last night with the first of two planned WNDRLND parties.

Beforehand, it felt like we were living in some dystopian Footloose reality. The irony of the party capital of the world being shackled was not lost on us. Now it feels like the ghost has been put to rest.

All day Saturday, we had a queasy feeling in the pit of our stomach that we could not shift. It was the same sensation we normally get on the eve of International Music Summit, only intensified to the power of one hundred. Time itself, seemed to drag, prolonging the agony.

Even in the bars along San Antonio’s promenade and all the way along the Bay, there lingered a sense of anticipation that had been absent thus far this summer. The knowledge that the night didn’t end at bar closing; that there was a destination beyond the current.

Once inside, any pre-dance nerves settled quickly. Seating in the venue was adequately spaced and well laid-out. It didn’t take long to become accustomed to the flow of traffic and the protocols involved in this new format.

Promotor Josh had the honour of pressing play for the opening tune. That seemingly innocuous action felt like a klaxon call to the whole of San Antonio and beyond.

Understandably, there was a little trepidation when it came to taking things to the dancefloor. Who would be the first? Those first ginger steps felt becoming.

Guest headline DJ Paul Taylor delivers the tunes

Very quickly, the proverbial cobwebs had been dusted off, and Eden was alive with the sound of music and the reverberation of moving feet. It was like we’d never stopped.

Paul Taylor’s booking as headliner might not have been an obvious choice for some, but it was an expert call that paid off. The retro tune selection was exactly what was needed on such an occasion.

Some well-known favourites were picked-out for spins, including memorable plays of M.A.W.'s Work and Deep Dish’s Make My World Go Around, before culminating with the ever magical Passion by Gat Décor.

Without question, the veteran DJ understood the assignment!

Then there was a cursory visit from Policía Local, which undersaw a brief dip in the dancefloor activity - if only for a few moments. Nothing more than a tick-box exercise, the officers quickly left, satisfied that everything was above board. Back to the dance we all went.

Full credit must go to Eden and the promoters for the quick turnaround. Evidence of any mothballs had been removed by the time doors opened. Operationally, everything was slick. 

Even the queue, which seemed dauntingly large as we approached, was managed well and Covid documentation checked for all. As for the thorny issue of the masks, as we had anticipated, their presence was soon forgotten with the overwhelming majority of attendees towing the line.

All-in-all, WNDRLND’s maiden voyage at Eden in 2021 was an unmitigated success that restored smiles to Ibiza, as well as dancing. The pressure that had been building and threatening to blow, has now been released.

Next week, we get to do it all over again, this time with Spanish House master David Penn at the wheel.

If you’d like to join us on Saturday 16 October, head below to grab your tickets or table.


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