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Beso Beach Ibiza continues into the cool season

Dine and be entertained at the opulent setting on Las Salinas.

Nestled at the northwestern end of Las Salinas amongst the sand dunes and shadowed by pines, Beso Beach Ibiza has enjoyed a great summer at the popular hotspot.

As we pass from October to November and the island gets noticeably quieter, you would be forgiven for thinking Beso Beach is in the throes of shutting up shop. But even as its nearest competitors are calling time on 2021, Beso Beach is continuing deep into winter.

This is welcomed news for Ibiza's all-year-round residents and any adventurous off-season visitors.

The late discoteca season and influx of tourists we've just witnessed, has given businesses confidence that Ibiza can attract even after the temperature dips and the days get shorter.

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Even amongst locals, there is still a desire to make the most of warm, sunny days and balmy sea temperatures. Where better to appreciate these things, than Beso Beach Ibiza?

Combining an opulent setting with fine gastronomy, and enticing entertainment too, here's why Beso Beach is the place to go this winter.

Seaside setting

Let's start with the obvious. Clearly one huge selling point is that Las Salinas is on Beso Beach's doorstep.

On the day we visit in late October, the sun was out in full force. Not only were there bathers wading in the sea, but bronzed bodies parade up and down the sand in skimpy bikinis and trunks. It was really only the abundance of space that pointed to us being out of season.

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

And if there's one complaint you could have about Las Salinas from June to September, it's that it's just too busy.

The gorgeous sand alone is enough for many, but why then also visit Beso Beach?

For starters, it has been tastefully assimilated alongside the natural features of its location. It looks as if it could have grown from the landscape itself and dispenses with any suggestion of gaudiness or pomp. That said, attention to detail in the design and furnishings means that you will appreciate both comfort and luxury whilst dining here.

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Bamboo runs along the interior ceiling, hardwood decking lies under foot and sturdy wooden pillars prop up the roof.

Light fittings that resemble bird nests are another nice touch. In fact, they even appear to have confused a resident sparrow, who breezily came and went throughout our stay.

Lush foliage inject flashes of green, but are used sparingly to maximum effect. Soft, natural materials and colours, exactly the way a chiringuito should be decked out.

Food & service

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Beso Beach's seafront location naturally points to seafood playing an important role in its menu, no surprises there. But there's much to be said about the art of subtly and these well presented Mediterranean dishes with influences from the mainland, get our seal of approval.

Both the steamed mussels served in a tomato and paprika broth and the tuna and avocado salad are a couple of starters that really encapsulate Spanish cooking. Next, we turned our attention to the rosy-flushed Rovellones, which are just coming into season.

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Rovellones mushrooms - capable of winning over the most stubborn of fussy eaters

Here's a confession: I don't like mushrooms. They're probably my least favourite food. But these, these I love! Their fleshy texture drizzled in garlic butter is a winning combo. Consider me a convert.

These sizeable starters would be enough to satisfy smaller appetites, so we opted for the T-bone sharer as our main. This impressive cut of steak tastes as good as it looks. Perfectly seasoned, it comes accompanied by a host of vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onion, asparagus, courgette, corn on the cob and carrot. Delightful.

However, the food isn't the only thing worthy of our applause...

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Beso's vast T-bone sharing plate - great for groups to share, or for voracious appetites

Your food won't just be served with a smile at Beso Beach, but a cheeky grin and a whole lot of theatrics! Each dish is presented in a celebratory display; each glass of wine refilled with poise, melodrama and a tiny sprinkle of mischief.

More than one of the waiting team have a background in theatre, we strongly suspect.

Not only will you build an interpersonal rapport with them, but you will find their refreshing and entertaining brand of service an endearing feature of your visit. It's certainly an experience that will last long in the memory - one which is deserving of a standing ovation. Encore!

Enticing entertainment

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Music and mood was provided by dynamic duo Los Suruba on our visit. The pair have been stealing the plaudits for their highly successful Nazca series in the north of the island this summer and last, at Las Dalias.

It was great to be able to catch them play somewhere a little less remote and a little more accessible.

True to form, Alvaro and Delmar absolutely nailed the atmosphere with deep ethno rolling House music with lots of tribal and ancestral influences. The perfect soundtrack for a lazy afternoon at the beach.

Beso Beach Ibiza - 2021 - by Peter Young

Clint Lee lay the foundations on our visit, but you can catch him play peak time every Monday

Beforehand, the groundwork had been laid by resident DJ Clint Lee, who started things at a leisurely pace and then gradually worked through the tempos.

Clint plays every Monday from 13:00 in a session dubbed Industry Mondays, which encourages bods from the music business and fellow Ibiza workers to come down and appreciate the evocative sounds in these gorgeous surroundings.

Coming up at Beso Beach Ibiza

Other scheduled events, include Flamenco Fridays, AKA Beso De Rumba which combines dinner with a show.

Coming up this weekend, multi-creative-disciplinarian Glauco Di Mambro entertains on Saturday 30 October from 20:30, then a vampire-inspired Halloween do hosted by Dragcula and El Balcón de Ibiza follows the night after, 31 October.

We don't need to tell you how much fun all of those date will be. Please place all booking enquiries with Beso Beach Ibiza.
Reservations strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

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