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O Beach plays its wildcard - WILDCHILD!

WILDCHILD edges O Beach's music policy closer to the underground.

WILDCHILD has never been one for sticking to the handbook. Since its arrival on Ibiza, it's chosen to swim against the tide and do things its own way.

Eyebrows were raised when it made the switch from club all-nighter to poolside daytimes at O Beach Ibiza. It was a ballsy move from both parties, but an inspired one.

WILDCHILD's initial month-long mini-residency was extended for a second month - expressing the impact it has made between punters and staff alike in a short space of time.

In making O Beach its new home, the party has brought an underground (yet, importantly, still accessible) sound to the venue for the first time.

The self-styled day club had been reluctant to deviate from its tried-and-tested formula in the past. And why would it? You don't meddle with a successful programme flippantly.

However, the upheaval of the pandemic has meant businesses have been forced to rethink old ways. When faced with adversity, risk represents opportunity. The WILDCHILD wildcard has already paid off. Who now would bet against them extending again, beyond August?

What about that controversial soundtrack then? Well it's House and US Garage but with an underground edge.

Will you know any of it? Most definitely - have a look at the bottom of this article.

You'll almost certainly hear lots of music you haven't before, both new and old. Then there will be those tracks you'll won't have heard in a long time. Or a lyric you might recognise from a recent hit, that you never knew was a sample.

Perhaps instead of "what", we should be asking "who"?

The crate-diggers booked to play so far this summer, include Bushwacka, Anna Tur, Too Fine, Mr Doris, Cici and Santanna.

True to form, we were treated to upfront aces, rare grooves, dusty B-sides and reworked classics on our visit.

And, as the industry mourns the passing of one of Chicago's greats, Paul Johnson, it was a nice touch to hear his music played as tribute.

Get Get Down with our WILDCHILD @ O Beach Ibiza 2021 playlist:

WILDCHILD is confirmed to be back for three more Thursdays this month: 12, 19 and 26 August. Further dates TBC.

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