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Ibiza Coronavirus Update (23) 22-8-2021

An update, not an upgrade...

With new infections At the end of July, a large wave of Covid-19 infections hit the Ibiza and Formentera, with the number of active cases reaching almost 3500. Thankfully, this wave has begun to subside, and the active cases have dropped below 2000. Obviously, this is still a significant number and vigilance is essential, but it does feel like we might be over the worst, for this period at least...

During this ‘fourth wave’, there has been a significant increase in casualties. The total number of victims on the islands has now risen to 121, the majority of whom were elderly, with pre-existing conditions.

Since our last update a month ago, very little has really changed regarding the rules in place to contain the outbreak. The Govern Balear has voted to extend the existing restrictions for an extra 2 weeks, with effect from Monday 23 August.

For an outline of the rules currently in place, check out our Coronavirus Update #22 here. There has been a slight easing of the restrictions for the lucky folk of Formentera, who are now entitled to extend their social gatherings an extra hour until 02:00.

Crucially, the vaccination program continues to progress, with the landmark figure of 70% of the Balearic Islands’ population being fully vaccinated recently being surpassed. Plus, 75% have had at least one dose.

This has now opened the discussion for the introduction of Covid Passports to allow entry to venues and events. The subject will be officially debated by the Govern on Monday 23. Fingers crossed; this will lead to positive news about the scope of events that we might see put on before the end of the season.

Meanwhile, the tourist season is passing by uneventfully, with beach clubs and restaurants full to capacity. However, the Local Authorities are constantly battling with an underground party scene in rented villas that keeps moving from location to location.

Clearly, there is a demand for parties and social events. So, we at Spotlight repeat our call for venues to be reopened, in a sensible way, where guests are entitled to some freedom of mobility and expression at carefully managed events.

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