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Pacha Group presents its stylish new shop in Ibiza Town’s harbour

The famous Pacha store in Ibiza Town has been redecorated and reopened with a brand new look this week.

With a prime position on the bustling main promenade that runs alongside Ibiza Town’s vibrant marina, the Pacha store has long been a part of the iconic harbour scenery.

Opening its doors in 1998, the boutique offers the biggest variety of twin cherry fashion and merchandise of all of the Pacha shops - and many island visitors and residents hold fond memories of shopping for Ibiza souvenirs there.

This week, the Pacha store relaunched for the 2021 season with a bigger and bolder presence, having increased in both space and style! Previously split into two shops by the presence of another boutique in between the two twin cherries, the retail space has been transformed into a 200sqm open-plan shopper’s paradise after the middle-space became available.

Nick McCabe, CEO of the Pacha Group, said at the opening: "Without a doubt, this is the flagship of our merchandising stores, located in a privileged place - a very Pacha and very Ibiza space."

Featuring lots of quirky design elements created from repurposed decorations from the legendary Pacha Ibiza club, bold colours and original artwork, the boutique will undoubtedly be attracting visitors not only with its selection of Pacha merchandise, but also with its funky décor and cool vibe.  The space was lovingly designed with the help of the Pacha team and Luis Candel, a partner and promoter of the store.

Said Fabio Lenzi, Director of Development of the Pacha brand, “The space is integrated into the Pacha experience, so that those who visit the store enjoy, have fun and take photos. It’s an interactive space, a must-see even, for those who visit the island.”

On the shelves, shoppers will find everything from Pacha t-shirts to mobile phone covers, cherry-branded backpacks to perfumes, as well as two exclusive collaborations with the Kids of Broken Future fashion label and the renowned Italia Independent eyewear brand.

There are plenty of great options for picking up a Pacha memento from your time on Ibiza, or if you’re not on the island, the full collection is also available online at

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