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Ibiza Spotlight News 2021 EP02 | Drinks at Café Mambo

Katie Knight and Stivi talk about what has changed as we head into July.

Hi everybody and welcome back to Ibiza Spotlight news.

It’s Friday, it's been a long week so me and Stivi thought that it was a nice idea to go and sit down on the rocks in front of Café Mambo to have a little chat about what's going on in Ibiza and how things have changed since our last chat back in May.

What do you think?

"Perfect idea. Let's go."

The day after Café Mambo opening

"So can you remember our last proper chat?"

I do. It was at Pikes’ opening back in May, my first time out-out after so long.

"It was a good night, wasn't it?"

It was so much fun! We had a good chat, as well, about what was happening at that time. Since then a lot has changed.

"Oh yeah."

There’s been lots of changes. Restrictions have changed.

"If you remember, at that time, we actually still walked up to Pikes in masks. Yes, they are gone!"

Masks have gone and it feels so good - no more outdoor masks.

"And then we also had the night curfew still - also gone."

You can go home whenever you want to go home.

"And for now, places are open until 02:00 in the morning."

Which feels so good as well, because before we were going home at 23:00.

"02:00 feels pretty late right now!"

It does! I can’t imagine when we can go back at 06:00. I can’t remember the last time being awake for that long!

"Come on, we'll learn how to do that pretty quickly again."

We will, we will ,we will. What other changes have there been?

"Well, I think that’s the main changes in terms of restriction. I think apart from that, just, you know, the whole vaccination has ramped up."

That that happened very quickly.

"Yeah, I think that as of today, we’re now at 60 percent of the Balearic population has had one shot and 40 have had both."

Oh, really? It’s going a lot quicker, because there was one point where it seems like it was going really slow. And then all of a sudden…

"It kind of took ages at the start, but, yeah, the last six weeks it's gone really well."

And I also think, just in general, over these last two weeks or so it does just feel like an actual “real summer”, doesn't it? Like everywhere starting to get busy, things are opening up, there's a lot more of a vibe on the island and I guess, as well, it's getting a lot warmer.

"It's getting really hot at the moment! It is hot, it really is ,really, wow!"

So talking about places that are open and what's new on the island, what things are actually open now?

"Well, if we're just talking about the last few days, yesterday, this place here, Café Mambo, opened. Cova Santa also opened yesterday. Today, as we speak, right now O Beach opening."

It’s all happening.

"It’s all happening, really, and like you could generally say, with the exception of the clubs, everywhere is open. Like, you have tons of restaurants and bars are open and even the last hotels that haven't opened just yet, are now opening up.

And, you just say yourself, it really is getting busier every day now. Obviously, the the British green light has helped a lot."

The Brits are coming back! And you know what else has been really nice? That there are a lot of new things opening as well. It’s not just all like the same things.

Even though, obviously, it's been a very hard year for everyone, there have there have been a lot of new things that have opened, new opportunities and that's been really nice to see as well, hasn't it? What do you think this month is going to look like in July?

"In July? Oh, I guess it's just going to get busier and busier.

Obviously, we still can't dance right now, so currently all the events are still seated only, but there's lots of music played everywhere and people can't sit down - neither can I! I mean, who can? Come on! We're just literally waiting for the Balearic government to give us the green light and say “you can do it, go ahead.”

For everyone asking why is there still no announcements, we can't really tell you who's playing when or for which club etc, etc but we know a lot of the venues that are basically ready to go. They’re just waiting for the government to say “yes, you can start”. Then the day after, venue x, y and z will just go announce “okay, we'll do this, this and that!”

Everybody is ready to go, just waiting for that green light. Speaking of it of events, you went to the test event at Hard Rock Hotel, correct?

"Yeah, I did."

How was it?

"It went very well. It was a fun event. They just released the first preliminary results, which shows none of the antigen tests, which they had done beforehand, were positive. I think we'll know more about the entire results probably come next week or so.

And, yeah, I just really hope that this will then sort of open up the path for the venues to open this month at some point."

So seeing as we're here at the very famous Café Mambo, let's talk a little bit about last night.

We came down for the opening. It was packed and it was so nice to see it open again, full house, fantastic sunset, Sam Divine played after as well, which was so much fun, and it's just nice to see this kind of place with its buzz back.

"Yeah, I mean, having the sunsets back, that’s nice."

Yes, and you also mentioned before about Cova Santa, what else is happening there over the next few weeks?

"Well, as I said, they're just opened up last night and over the next week they have Sasha, they have a first Storyteller session with Satori on Sunday and then next weekend they've got Villalobos and Luciano back-to-back."

So i'm sure you won't be missing that one!

"Don't think so!"

And what about O Beach? Because I know they've got a lot going on as well.

"They’re just opening as we speak, they're opening right now. From what I’ve heard, it's sold out and I think we've got to go check it out."

Yes, definitely. What do you reckon if we go and get a drink and watch the sun go down second night in a row?

"Let's do it."

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