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BiBo meets Nobu in culinary clash of the titans

Two masterchefs come together this July.

For one week only, the culinary worlds of Nobu Matsuhisa and Dani García will harmonise at BiBo Ibiza Bay.

Together, Dani of BiBo and Nobu head chef Giacomo Notarbartolo have created a concise range of dishes that demonstrates the artistry and creative flair of both men.

While they may come from different backgrounds, they share a passion for superior products, global influences and microscopic attention to detail.

At Ibiza Spotlight, we're huge advocates of the power of collaboration, which is part of the reason why this news resonates with us so much. Aside from that, we're already big fans of both BiBo and the main Nobu Restaurant.

Three titillating dishes are available, for a limited time only, combining the flavours of three continents, with influences from Japan, Peru, Mexico and Spain.
Choose from

  • Sumptous burritos, filled with smooth, slow-cooked Chilorio and accompanied by Nobu’s spicy anticucho sauce.
  • Nobu’s signature Black Cod Miso takes the place of tuna in Dani Garcia’s delicious Japanese/Russian Salad, garnished with a fried shiso leaf.
  • Tuna belly tartar, marinated in yuzu and soy, loaded on a wafer of crispy rice and topped with an oozy cured quail’s egg yolk.

If you're drooling at the prospect, you'd be right to. We've just sampled the dishes and they're as delicious as they sound.

Move quickly as it's already underway, having started yesterday. The special offer runs through to 8 July.

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