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A magical full moon dinner at Amante Ibiza

Enjoy prime views on the full moon rising and delicious food at this romantic seaside restaurant.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it is undeniable that watching the Full Moon rise out of the sea in Ibiza is a breathtaking sight! And where better to witness this natural spectacle than from one of the island’s most romantic seaside destinations, Amante Ibiza?

Nestled into the rugged cliffs of Sol d’en Serra, the elegant beach restaurant is famous for its stunning vistas across the Balearic Sea, delicious food and top class service. Making the most of the unspoilt views all the way across to Formentera, the Amante team has created a spectacular tasting menu for the Full Moon celebration, which changes every month.

The next Full Moon dining experiences are scheduled for Friday, July 23rd, Sunday, August 22nd, and Tuesday, 21st September 2021.

A dinner at this renowned eatery definitely warrants a special outfit, and after months of staying at home we were excited to put our best fashion foot forward and dust off a little cocktail dress for the occasion! Stepping out from the breezy, elegant dining room onto the glass-fronted staircase that seemingly reaches into the sea is a real wow moment!

Amante is built into the side of the cliff across three levels, and we had asked for a table close to the sea. Guests who want to drop in for expertly mixed cocktails can pull up a chair at the sea-facing bar or settle in on the plush sofas lining the terrace, and enjoy the views from there.

Or, for a special romantic occasion, you could reserve the "Amante table" set underneath a wooden canopy with flowing curtains for a private dining experience

We couldn’t resist the temptation of a mixology creation ourselves, and toasted the night ahead with the cocktail of the day: a tropical twist on the classic Mojito made with fresh mango juice! Meanwhile, the perfectly spiced Hot Oaxaca offered a sizzling mix of grapefruit, lime and jalapeño pepper with mezcal and tonic!

Amante is famous for its sophisticated take on modern Mediterranean cuisine, serving up contemporary Spanish and Italian dishes made with high quality ingredients. Our Full Moon tasting menu featured a delightful mix of fresh seafood and meat, with a sweet finish as the grand finale!

Shortly after our cocktails arrived, our meal began with a delectable amuse bouche of tender octopus served with a homemade mayonnaise. It was followed by the first course of the evening, a delicate prawn tartar accompanied by a trio of avocado, mango and kimchi dipping sauces.

With the sunlight starting to fade, anticipation was building for the Super Strawberry Full Moon to rise out of the waters. Called “Strawberry Moon” after the harvest of the season it takes place in, it just so happens to have a beautiful pink hue at this time of the year. Sadly, few phone cameras can do the spectacle justice, so it is best enjoyed the old-fashioned way: with your eyes only! (That said, we don’t judge anyone who can’t resist snapping away - as we did!)

Our next course was another truly mouthwatering creation: ‘fake’ ravioli made from Portobello mushroom instead of pasta dough, topped with a juicy king prawn and dressed in silky Hollandaise sauce. To put it simply, it was lip-smackingly good!

Finally, we detected the first glimmer of the moon shimmering behind the clouds in a delicate rosé shade. As it began to rise higher in the sky and out of the delicate blanket of fog covering the horizon, we marvelled at its beauty and the sheer size of it. Called a “Super Moon” because it appears bigger than usual due to its close proximity to Earth at this time of year, it was a truly majestic sight.

The only thing that could distract us from this amazing view was our next course arriving at the table, a decadent prawn rice with a topping of Iberian pig’s cheek. It was followed by a delicious, rich cannelloni filled with aromatic pork meat and sprinkled with truffle salt.

We just about managed to leave some room for dessert. Under the silver light of the Full Moon, we finished our magical meal with an indulgent ‘bizcocho’ sponge cake topped with fresh Ibizan apricots and accompanied by almond ice cream. It was, quite simply, the perfect ending to a perfect evening.  

Whether you come for a sun-soaked lunch by the sea or a romantic evening meal, Amante is a place that always has the wow factor. And for something extra special, a Full Moon dinner in this extraordinary place should definitely be on your culinary Ibiza bucket list!


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