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Food review: Las Dos Lunas celebrates 40 years of Mediterranean magic!

One of Ibiza's most iconic dining destinations remains at the top of its game with fantastic Italian cuisine and a magical setting.

Why go? For the romance, the ambience and the absolutely fantastic food. And to enjoy a truly iconic dining experience – just ask Mick Jagger!

What kind of food is it? Classic Italian cuisine that embraces the full spectrum of the Mediterranean’s beautiful produce, from seafood to meat and, of course, heavenly pasta.

What diets does it cater for? Lovers of pasta, meat and seafood will have a field day, but there are also a few vegetarian and vegan options available  - so everyone can enjoy the experience together.

Ibiza Spotlight tip? No visit is complete without trying the chef’s ‘tris of pasta’, a sharing plate of Italian perfection!

The history

Opening its majestic gates in 1981, Las Dos Lunas is one of Ibiza’s most revered culinary destinations.

Having built its reputation on hearty, unpretentious Italian cuisine of the highest quality, first class service and a heart-wrenchingly beautiful setting, the family-run restaurant is a must on any Ibiza foodie’s culinary bucket list.

The privacy afforded by the thick dry stone walls surrounding the atmospheric terrace has appealed to many an A-Lister – and even royalty – over the years. Mick Jagger, Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and the King of Spain are all said to have dined at Las Dos Lunas, while electronic music icon Carl Cox celebrated his birthday there.

Which makes perfect sense, considering the eatery is located just a short stroll from super clubs Amnesia and Privilege, on the road that runs between San Rafael and Ibiza Town.

In 2021, the iconic restaurant remains at the top of its game. When we ask Anna, the daughter of Las Dos Luna owner Massimo, if they had changed anything on the menu for their special anniversary, she smiles and explains that their loyal guests return year after year and want to enjoy their favourite dishes.

“We keep our classic menu because some people want to come and have the same pasta dish they used to eat as a child. Sometimes we have three generations of a family at the same table, from the grandparents to the children. It’s beautiful.”

We take our seat underneath a canopy of pink bougainvillea and green grape vines, watched over by a trio of Mona Lisa portraits. Each has been given an individual modern twist, with one wielding today’s omnipresent smartphone – very possibly ready to capture the night on Instagram, as we did!

Las Dos Lunas' magical garden terrace is filled with pieces of art and quirky curiosities, so there is always something to catch the eye. From the chequered harlequin pattern that runs across the floor - a nod to classic Italian theatre - to whimsical parrot statues, a visit here is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the taste buds.

The drinks

Las Dos Lunas has created a cozy and relaxed lounge area, perfect for an aperitif or after-dinner nightcap.

Here, guests can sip on heritage cocktails like the Rossini, elevated with premium spirits and that inimitable Las Dos Lunas ambience.

We resisted the temptation of a cocktail this time, letting the team choose a fine grape from their list of wines, spumosi (Italian for sparkling wine) and champagnes for us.

From the selection of Spanish, Italian and French wines, we were recommended the Mocen Verdejo, a dry and smooth white wine with aromas of green and citrus fruits. It was the perfect choice for the feast that followed - and so easy to drink, we stuck with it all night!

The food

Having made sure to arrive hungry, a sharing platter of mortadella, green olives and sage leaves in a tempura batter - accompanied by a heavenly breadbasket filled with chunky focaccia squares - disappeared in seconds.

A classic prawn cocktail took this world-famous starter to the next level thanks to the incredible fresh, plump shellfish.

Next up was a true Las Dos Lunas icon: a trio of homemade pastas arranged on a sharing plate, good enough to cause to a fork fight!  

A quintessential part of the Italian meal, which traditionally consists of antipasti (starters), a pasta course, the main and then dessert, Las Dos Luna prides itself on its homemade pasta, which gets prepared freshly every single day.

We savoured parpadelle in the classic – and inimitable – Italian tomato sauce, so simple yet so delicious! Gnocchi in an authentic carbonara sauce, and perfectly ‘al dente’ ravioli completed the heavenly selection.

Another seafood favourite, we couldn’t stop popping equally moreish tempura prawns with an addictive truffle mayonnaise into our mouths, almost spoiling our appetite for the rest of the meal!

We would have happily sat back to soak up the atmosphere in the artfully lit up courtyard some more as the restaurant continued to fill up, before rolling home with full and happy bellies!

But there was one more highlight we couldn’t resist trying, another Las Dos Lunas favourite and every meat lover’s dream come true: lingote de cochinillo, or suckling pig. Served with a sweet apple puree and aromatic vegetables. The meat was cooked to perfection, tender and juicy underneath a crackling, salty crust.

Sipping on our crisp Verdejo, we awaited the grand finale: dessert.

At this point, we were so taken in by the magical ambience, we started unashamedly singing along to the soundtrack of soft rock and pop classics, an emotive mix of all-time favourites that won’t fail to tug at the heart strings in this spectacular setting!  

We ended the night with a luscious fondant, oozing warm chocolate sauce from its centre, and an indulgent tarte tatin, the iconic upside-down caramelised apple tart, with a big dollop of ice cream.

Maxing out our visit literally until the last minute possible, we ended the night with a cheeky digestif of Hierbas Ibicencas liqueur on ice, an Ibiza icon in its own right. The only thing that could have made our visit even better would have been a little more time to enjoy one last cocktail in the garden bar… but I guess that just means we have to come back another time!

From the romantic scenery to the attentive service, the flavoursome ingredients to the hearty dishes, Las Dos Lunas is a truly magical culinary experience that will stay in your memories - and hearts -  for a lifetime!

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