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Details out for Ibiza's pilot clubbing event

After a year and a half, this is how the first party is gonna go down.

Good news is coming thick and fast right now here on our beloved island of Ibiza.

As you may have read, from tonight onwards, the bars and restaurants on the Balearics can stay open until 2:00 AM. Plus, we've also just heard yesterday that, in a week's time, from Saturday 26 June onwards, you won't have to wear a mask anymore when you're outdoors anywhere in Spain. Fantastic news!

But that's not all. We now also have the details of how Ibiza's clubbing pilot event next Friday 25 June will be going down. The last time a big event in one of the clubs happened was DC-10 on New Year's Day 2020, so we're all more than ready to welcome back the nightlife after such a long break. 

Ibiza's test event goes down next Friday 25 June at Hard Rock Hotel. Its very successful Children of the 80s party will be the pilot party and here's the full set of rules which has now been presented and confirmed.

  • The event will be capped at 1500 people maximum. It's free entry, but in a first wave, essential workers get priority and are invited to join the event. Should the capacity not be reached with the essential workers alone, other people might be able to attend - no guarantee on this though.
  • Anyone wanting to attend will have to sign up-beforehand and will have to indicate whether they have been vaccinated, have recovered from covid or have passed a PCR test within the last 72 hours before the event with a negative result. Those unable to fulfill any of the three aforementioned prerequisites will have to pass an antigen test hours before the event. Once the registration has been formalised, a ticket with a QR code will be generated which will be used to access the event.
  • The event runs from 19:00 until midnight. A facemask will have to be worn at all times. Access to the site will be staggered to avoid crowding. 
  • There will be an enclosed dancefloor for 500 people with one entrance and one exit so it's like a one way system to the dancefloor and away from it. On the dancefloor no drinks may be consumed. 
  • To consume drinks you will have to go to a separate seated area and this is the only moment where you will be able to take your mask off.

We understand this looks like a lot of rules, but we are fully aware that after such a long time with the island's nightlife industry on pause, things will have to start in a very careful manner. Both the Balearic Government as well as Ibiza's nightlife association (Ocio de Ibiza) have agreed to a gradual and cautious reopening of nightlife this summer.

Those lucky enough to attend will be entertained by Quique Tejada, Toni Peret and José María Castells of Dream Team ReloadPetit & Vázquez from La Movida Ibiza and the saxophonist Lugotti.

They will be revving up the crowd for a special guest headline act who will be revealed closer to the day.

Meanwhile, although we await official confirmation, it seems proper dancing might be back pretty shortly after the test event and the lifting of the mask mandate.

We at Ibiza Spotlight can't wait for this. See you on the dancefloor! 

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