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Ibiza club rewind | Benimussa Park

The best sets from years gone by.

Mixed together, the package of The Zoo Project and its ancestral home Benimussa Park are an Ibiza institution.

Here is a place where young attendees can let their hair down and apply glitter and face paint liberally. Equally, it’s also been somewhere guaranteed to play quality underground house music.

Add an outdoor setting and a programme that runs from daylight hours into nighttime to this dual audience, and you have all the elements for a unique experience.

Like a lot of Ibiza’s attractions, Benimussa Park lives off a myth that is slightly removed from reality. Although the suggestion that the venue was an "abandoned zoo", certainly adds to the party's air of magic.

With the main stage, the seal pit, the living room and the rabbit hole, the venue has plenty of unique spaces to its disposal. Each one creates a different vibe.

Join us in the for the seventh stop in our Ibiza club rewind, as we examine three sets from The Zoo Project archive.

Ida Engberg | The tree house | 6 October 2019

Ida Engberg is one of the biggest bookings The Zoo Project has managed to secure in recent years.

What’s even cooler, is that part of the reason that Ida was convinced to play here was due to the party’s sustainable values and conservation efforts. Being a passionate animal right’s activist herself, these principles clearly resonated, proving that eco-consciousness and partying are not mutually exclusive.

The last of three appearances in 2019 took place in The Tree House. It also happened to be one of our favourite sets all summer.

Margaret Dygas | The seal pit | 8 September 2012

Next we move from the main stage to the infamous seal pit. Here's where you find the liveliest crowd (cutting shapes in the stands of an old seal auditorium no less!) and outlandish theatrical performances from the party's zany band of skilled entertainers.

The shape of the arena, its walls and flat surfaces create a heightened sonic experience too.

Margaret Dygas doesn't get nearly enough bookings on Ibiza for our liking. The Polish-born, Berlin-based minimal DJ is guaranteed to deliver. Here's a recording from the 2012 vaults, back when the party ran twice weekly, with midweek sister offering Channel Zoo.

On this particular night, she lined-up with Dana Ruh, Milou, Anthea, Karina and Julietta, proving that The Zoo Project was, and still is, an Ibiza party that really champions women DJs.

Eli Rojas | The rabbit hole | 7 July 2019

Finally, we bunker down in the rabbit hole with fiery Colombian talent Eli Rojas. This low-ceiling, intimate room is where the action moves after the music finishes outside at 23:00. It’s Benimussa Park’s very own onsite nightclub - pretty cool.

Just when you thought the night was coming to an end, you get an extra few hours to party. Let’s face it, who wants to go home to bed when the night is still young?

One person you can always count on to keep the dancing flame burning is Eli. Go girl!

The future

Last summer, The Zoo Project experimented with a seated dinner and show format. Although well executed, tightening restrictions meant that the shows were untenable and shelved after several weeks.

For 2021, the team at Benimussa Park has yet to reveal details of what is in the pipeline. Indications have been made about some exciting changes for 2021. In other news, the creative team has also recently launched a 360 degree artist agency under The Zoo Project banner.

All we can say with certainty, is whatever format they turn to, expect crazy, wild fun to ensue.

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