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What's happening with Ibiza's nightlife this year

What you can and cannot do on Ibiza.

Whilst this season may not be your traditional Ibiza clubbing season, the island is bouncing back with another type of daytime and nighttime action, alternative events, lots of amazing boat-trips, some lounge pool parties and quite a bit more. The beach clubs are buzzing, too.

You will get to experience the island like never before, except possibly back in the '70s and '80s when it was still a well-kept secret. Read on to find out what regulations have been put in place to adapt to these exceptional times.

Nightclubs, beach clubs and boats

Most of the super-clubs have announced they will not be opening this year, but plenty of beach clubs, beach bars and poolside events, such as Ibiza Rocks and O Beach, as well as a couple of boat excursions, are on this summer.

Whilst masks are now mandatory almost everywhere on the island, sun loungers and swimming pools are exempt as long as safety distance can be maintained. Remember, though, that you must book a bed in advance to gain access.

You will get to experience these venues and bars like never before. Of course, we know it's an amazing experience to be dancing together with thousands of like-minded people, but you will no doubt relish the extra space and attention this year. Sit back, relax and chat the day away whilst sipping ice-cold cocktails under the blazing sun, to a chilled soundtrack of Balearic beats.

Have a look at the programme for Ibiza Rocks poolside sessions to choose your favourite event.

Bars and restaurants

With most of the super-clubs being off-limits this year, bars - both at the beach and in town - and restaurants on the island have been adapting to entertain the eager tourists. Many of the bars on the world-famous Sunset Strip in San Antonio and in the port of Ibiza await you.

Curfews are currently in place, with bars and restaurants staying open until 2:00.

Venues like Bambuddha, Beachouse, Kumharas, Lío, Nassau Beach Club, Las Dalias, Nobu, STK and Pikes, have all adapted to make your day or evening extra special. Check out this list to find out which restaurants are open.


As said, masks are mandatory almost everywhere but a few important exceptions remain.

This year you will experience a different kind of Ibiza from the one you might be used to. Imagine the chilled vibes of April or October and then combine that with the gorgeous sun and warm seas of high summer.

Imagine finally taking that cruise to Formentera, hiring a quad and discovering the untouched North or getting up for a sunrise swim in the crystal clear waters of Las Salinas beach. Imagine realising there is actually a great deal more to the island than the super-clubs.

The super-clubs are often the reason why we came to Ibiza. The rest is why we stayed.

Clubbing and partying and dancing will be back. We can't wait, and we know you can't, too. In the meantime, come and spend some time here this summer to discover the real magic of Ibiza.

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