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Ibiza Spotlight Weekly News 2020 ep01

We sent Katie to sunny San Antonio to find out what was going on. Here's what she found out...

Hello everybody! I'm Katie Knight and welcome to Ibiza Spotlight News. We are back and we are so excited to be able to share with you what's happening, what's already open, during what's going to be a mellow Ibiza 2020 summer season.

And, what better place to kick off this series than here at O Beach Ibiza? Even though it's gonna be a little bit different this year, the sun is still shining, the music's playing, the drinks are flowing, and the food is as good as ever.

So, what actually is going on in Ibiza at the moment?

Well, besides being able to visit the beaches that are as beautiful and clean and empty as ever, you can also go and check out some daytime clubs, such as O Beach, where we are at the moment, Bam-Bu-Ku, which is just next door, and Ibiza Rocks Hotel. All of these venues and now open and are ready for you guys to go and have a good time.

Another great vibe are the seafront bars and restaurants. They're coming back to life here on the promenade of San Antonio, which is also the same a place where you can enjoy so many different water activities and discover Ibiza in a different way.

If you're wondering where to stay your whilst you're here in Ibiza, there's a wide range of hotels, from hostels to five-star spa resorts, that are now open all over the island. If you're looking for something extra special, we'd recommend 7Pines Resort Ibiza, where you'll definitely connect with the island's magic.

For those of you that love the market vibes here in Ibiza, most of the markets are now open again, as is Las Dalias hippie market every Saturday and the Sant Jordi flea market, which is very popular with the locals and where you will always find a good bargain.

A great example of how Ibiza's looking this year is Pikes hotel. The other day we attended their cocktail book launch and I have to say Pikes is looking absolutely fantastic. It's absolutely beautiful and, even though things have changed a little bit this year at Pikes, you will always feel that essence of Ibiza.

So, this is what Ibiza 2020 is looking like at the moment. If you're still a little bit undecided if you are going to come or if you're not, I hope this selection it helps tempt you to come.

A big thank you for watching and if you would like a list of businesses and activities that are now opening and up and running, then check out the link.



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