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Ibiza summer 2020 - what to expect

A guest column by Stivi Stivanello

Our clubbing and adventure guru Stivi shared some insights, on the Ibiza Spotlight forum, into how he believes the 2020 Ibiza season might pan out. Here we present a glimpse into his expert views:


Due to coronavirus, the global nightlife community has pretty much come to a standstill and, until a cure or a vaccine is available, clubbing as we know it is currently and very sadly on pause. The pure nature of clubbing - hundreds or thousands of people together in one closed room, shoulder to shoulder, breathing and sweating - simply make for the perfect breeding ground for viruses. We wish it weren't so, but it's simply the truth.

Most of the nightclubs on the island haven't officially announced decisions yet, as to what their plans are. However, O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks Hotel (both of them are outdoor, daytime clubbing venues) have announced they will open their doors on July 1, with a small capacity and socially distanced clubbing experience. We expect more venues to announce similarly, but we also expect some of the big venues eventually making it clear they won't open at all this summer.

What we do envisage this summer are small parties - these could be in nightclubs (say a few hundred people, rather than the usual three to five thousand), in private villas or they could also 'break out' spontaneously in some of the beach clubs in the late afternoon.

What's not very likely to happen this summer is seeing a club with a packed dancefloor. If some dancefloor action is allowed by law, it will most likely be limited by social distancing measures or, alternatively, it could be a table-only system, avoiding the possibility of 'dangerous' mingling with others. Don't see it as a sat down clubbing (people that take a VIP table aren't sat at their table all the time) but, if you stick to your group only around your table, the risk of contagion is much smaller. Also, if such a system came into place, don't expect it to have the usual high VIP table prices. These are just assumptions, made by seeing other venues in Europe going for such a system - Pacha in Barcelona and Kiesgrube in Germany, to name two examples.

So, in a nutshell, this summer, Ibiza just won't be the same party island it usually is. But at the same time, you can't stop people from having a good time. People will get creative. The fact that there are outdoor venues where you can easily throw a party for a nice group of like-minded people. The experience and expertise that local promoters have in doing those parties make it clear for us that there will be things going on. Small and intimate will be the formula and we suggest you check out our forums for hints as to where those shindigs might happen...see you there!


OK so, if you are a clubber, you've maybe just swallowed the bitter pill by reading the above paragraphs. No packed clubs this summer. But hey, seeing as you won't be hungover every day, maybe you finally get to do that scuba diving open-water course you've had on your pending list for years?

Ibiza has some amazing dive spots and the water's the cleanest we've seen in decades. Or do more of your yoga? Finally go cliff diving, sunrise or sunset hiking, horse riding, Formentera exploring, stargazing in the north of the island. The list goes on. Ibiza summer 2020 is all about doing all those things you always wanted, but never got around to.

what atmosphere to expect?

We expect a very atypical summer. Ibiza will certainly be a lot quieter and more relaxed. We genuinely don't believe the island will ever get really full - not even in August. In a way, it's a totally unique opportunity to see an island that's usually very busy for four entire months.

There likely won't be any really big parties. But, then again, will there be any huge parties anywhere in the world this summer? Instead, you'll find small gatherings, you'll likely see the cleanest Ibiza you've ever seen, you'll find space everywhere you go. The same goes for Formentera - how many times have you wished to see that pearl just a little less busy? Well, there you go, one more thing for your Ibiza 2020 bucket list!

One thing is certain, while the world seems a weird place this year, those who do travel to Ibiza in the coming months will definitely experience a summer like no other here on the island.

This is just a small extract from Stivi's roundup. If you would like to read Stivi's full report, head over to our forum and join the conversation.

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