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Ibiza's world famous nightlife

Nowhere does it better.

Food, scenery, climate, culture, history, vibe - there's an endless list of reasons to visit Ibiza. For many, the name instantly invokes images of dancing in the sun, partying until dawn, world-class DJs and the best electronic music.

Try as we might, we just can't shrug the connection: Ibiza's nightlife and club scene are famous the world over.

Like it does every year, DJ Mag has polled its readers on their favourite clubs around the world - and the results are in. Unsurprisingly, Ibiza venues dominate the chart. Given what a tiny island Ibiza is, the results really underline how influential and frankly unmissable our nightlife is.

Across the world, clubs and other leisure facilities are on lockdown for the time being, but this is only temporary. Once the pandemic is over, you can rest assured Ibiza will pick up the baton and run with it.

Hï Ibiza & Ushuaïa

Hï Ibiza was Ibiza's highest entry taking 2nd place.

Just missing out on first place by a whisker, industry-leading professionals at The Night League will be celebrating. It occupies two spots in the top five, with Hï Ibiza finishing second and Ushuaïa Ibiza taking up fourth place.

Outdoor Ushuaïa is a daytime delight. The party hotel sits right under the flight path, meaning you can dance in the sunlight as planes roar overhead. Its stadium-sized capacity and international acts have made it a leading example across the world.

Ushuaïa came in at a more than respectable 4th place.

Nightfall means crossing the road to sister club, Hï Ibiza. Still a new kid on the block on Ibiza, relatively speaking, Hï has wasted no time in making an impact. Sure to capture your imagination with its mesmerising production and special effects, it has invested in the latest technology to create a club of the future.

The two venues' close proximity means you can party around the clock - by day at Ushuaïa and by night at Hï Ibiza. Perfect.


Voters ensured a 12th berth position for Amnesia.

Just outside the top ten, Amnesia is the island's next highest entry. Regularly named as clubber's favourite, it isn't difficult to understand why. We reckon it has a lot to do with the giant CO2 balls that engulf the crowd, the insane sound system and its expansive dance floors.

You haven't truly experienced Amnesia until you've danced in the early morning daylight on The Terrace. Magic never does get more real, so make sure you stick it out until the end of the night.


Pacha ended in 16th in this year's poll.

An Ibizan institution, Pacha is also in the top 20. Its cherries logo is an internationally recognised symbol of world-class clubbing. Here is a venue where decadence and liberty go hand in hand, made all the more charming by the fact it was once a traditional finca.

The Pacha brand began life on mainland Spain, but its hippie founder Ricardo Urgell brought it to Ibiza in 1973 where its legacy really took off. Now it is considered the centre of a global network of Pacha clubs.

Emitting Balearic flavour, Pacha is a truly iconic club that places emphasis on high-end service and peripheral theatrics from the queue through to exit. A visit to the island's first super-club still inspires and excites us to this day.


DC10 claims 19th place.

Just breaking into the top 20, DC10 might have the most notorious reputation of all of Ibiza's clubs. Unlike the other venues, DC10 is only open two to three nights a week. One of those happens to be the legendary Circoloco - need we say anymore?

A true champion of the underground, any clubbers worth their salt will have lost their inhibitions on the club's red-walled Terrace at some point.


Privilege is number 36.

Weighing in at an impressive 10,000 person capacity, Privilege is on record as being the world's largest club. For size alone, this island giant demands to be danced inside. When it's full or close to and going off, there's simply no place like it. It's quite a sight.

Even should the main room gets too much, you can visit the dome auditorium or the pretty garden to cool down, before getting right back to it. Oh, and make sure you experience sunrise in its panoramic side room, the Vista Club. Here you can watch daybreak behind Dalt Vila.


Eden finishes in 56th.

Outside of the top 50, San Antonio finally gets in on the action as Eden charts at 56. Located slap bang in the middle of town, Eden is held in high regard by the resort's strong British and Irish contingent.

Installing a sound system boasting 100,000 watts of audio power has helped push the club further up the pecking order in recent years. If you like your music loud, crisp and without post-rave ringing, Eden should definitely take your fancy.

Additionally, with each passing year, the profile of Eden's promoters is raised while more prominent names are added to the programme, a sure sign of progression.

Congratulations to all of the clubs featured from all of us at Ibiza Spotlight.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads more places to dance, including smaller, more underground venues and even more super-clubs. It's conceivable for you to party day and night on a fortnight's holiday and you'd still only be scratching the surface.

Ibiza's nightlife is diverse, plentiful and always evolving. Nowhere else on the planet has our density of nightclubs.

Once the fog has lifted, the virus is in retreat, travel restrictions relaxed and normalcy restored, you can bet that Ibiza's clubs will be back better than ever and making up for lost time.

When that happens, we look forward to welcoming you and showing you what it's all about.

Until then, stay safe, look after each other and follow your government's instruction. Ibiza will be ready and waiting for you.

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