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Ibiza workers in the spotlight | Jo Dargie

Clubbing Intern at Ibiza Spotlight.

Ibiza is a party island known for its music scene, but to borrow a phrase, “the only constant is change”. Nothing stands still on a landscape that is continuously evolving.

That's part of the reason why it's so important for the island to have fresh blood - fresh ideas, fresh attitudes, fresh tastes. Although many seasonal workers return year upon year, each summer an influx of fresh-faced first-timers take a pop at the opportunity of a lifetime.

Here at Ibiza Spotlight, we're proud to offer paid employment and hands-on experience to a handful of lucky candidates each year.

Squad goals: the 2019 Ibiza Spotlight clubbing team, pictured alongside Jo at Benimussa Park

Like many other industries, an internship with us is often the gateway to a lifelong career. Many former interns have gone onto to more prominent roles within the industry, including writing for Mixmag, working in Ultra's marketing department or join the ranks of a PR agency.

After a grueling recruitment process, Jo was selected from an avalanche of applications. In May, she flew from Edinburgh airport to embark on an adventure and immerse herself in Ibiza's notorious club scene.

Jo sporting sunglasses from Optica La Mar's cool range of eyewear at Tulp Beach Café

Jo Dargie, 20, United Kingdom
Clubbing Intern at Ibiza Spotlight

How many seasons have you done?

Nevermind it being my first season, this summer was my first time even setting foot on Ibiza. I've not looked back since I stepped off the plane.”

What does a typical day in your job involve?

Clubbing of course (it's a hard life). When I'm not out reviewing what Ibiza's vibrant clubbing scene has to offer, you'll find me in the office with enough snacks to feed the entire island.

I also write features, news articles and the occasional artist interview. Anything with a beat on the island is automatically on Ibiza Spotlight's radar and we're on the frontline of coverage.”

What is the best thing about your job?

There are so many things. I've got to see different parts of the island and had the odd backstage pass.

However, the best part has got to be discovering new music and new DJs. Getting sent to review an artist I'm not familiar with or a genre I wouldn't normally lean to and leaving with a hundred new playlist additions - that's the best.”

Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin at birthday week six on 5 August
IMAGE | by David Holderbach

What's your favourite party on Ibiza?

Being my first time on Ibiza, I made a conscious effort to try as many parties as I could before returning for repeat visits. However, Cocoon has kept me going back. You can always count on the music being great with Sven Väth. The lack of phones in the air is always nice to see.

I am already so excited for the closing party on Monday 30 September.''

What's your track of the summer?

It's got to be When the Lights Are Out by Maceo Plex. Not only is it an absolute tune, but I can already tell it's the track that every time I hear it, I will be flooded with memories of Ibiza 2019."

What's your favourite thing to do on Ibiza when you're not working?

Continue clubbing, just with less impetus being placed on having to remember it the next day. (laughs)

Staying in San Antonio, the best thing is buying cans of drink from the supermarket and heading down to the beach to watch sunset.”

English-style breakfast served at The Fish - a workers' favourite

Any tips for your fellow workers?

The breakfast from The Fish. It has cured many a hangover this summer - there's a reason it's called the 'hangover healer'. It even does a workers' €1 breakfast which is basic, but ideal for when you're on a budget before pay day.”

How did you get into this job role?

A bit of luck and a CV which consisted of two years of countless unpaid work experience (anyone in the music industry will relate). I stumbled across the job advert online and thought the chances of getting it were slim, but I'd give it a go anyway.

I had the same mentality with the interview process, assuming that each one would be my last and I'd spend my summer at home in Scotland. Then the acceptance email came through and a month later I had finished college, quit my job and made the move.”

What's your favourite Ibiza story?

"I have lots, from bumping into Patrick Topping at DC-10 to chancing upon an intimate gathering in Ibiza Town unexpectedly. But how I spent my 20th birthday was especially unusual.

In a cave under Cova Santa, I experienced some kind of spiritual healing from a man with a gong after our Texan lodger (another story in itself) convinced security to let us in. That one always brings a smile to my face.''

Jo making friends with house music legend, Kerri Chandler at this year's DJ Awards

The curious amongst you can check Jo's full archive of work here and chart her summer as one of our interns. To get a feel for what her taste in music is like, listen to Jo's own tailored Spotify playlist, The God Tier below:

In the new year, we'll be releasing details of our placements for summer 2020. If you think you have the passion and knowledge to follow in Jo's footsteps, keep your eyes locked to our social channels and website newsfeed.

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