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Freeing the seas of plastic around Ibiza by boat

Local initiative employs ocean-cleaning catamaran.

Image: a La Bella Verde eco-catamaran

With the launch of one of the world's first solar powered ocean clean-up catamarans, Ibiza ramps up the initiative to clean up plastic in its waters.

Two organisations, the IBi Foundation and Ibi Free Life have funded the purchase of a La Bella Verde catamaran, fitted with an ocean clean-up system to take to the seas.

The Ibi Foundation clean up boat has been fitted with a unique cleaning system that will collect and remove floating plastics from the waters surrounding Ibiza and the rest of the Balearics.

With local eco-tourism pioneer, La Bella Verde operating boat charters around Ibiza for the past five years, it has already set high eco credentials.

Whilst there is a committed aim for Ibiza to become free of single-use plastic by 2023, the sea around it still needs help.

A robust net structure is suspended beneath La Bella Verde's 100% emission-free eco-boat, which cleans as it goes along.

Most recently, the plastic enemy was given extra media time following the discovery of a distressed turtle, found locally that had been severely contaminated. Turtles often mistake plastic for jellyfish, a food source.

It's an operation that's harmless to marine life and all the recovered plastic is then safely disposed of by local waste processors.

Volunteers are welcome to enjoy a day of sailing, to help clear up the ocean and helping the two organisations raise awareness of the threat to the local marine ecosystem.

Let's all celebrate this welcome addition to cleaning up Ibiza's beautiful environment!

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