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Ibiza workers in the spotlight | Becky Rascal

Event Manager at Toolroom.

Covering a multitude of professions and individuals from all walks of life, each week we'll be putting one individual from Ibiza's workers community under the spotlight.

We'll chat to them to understand about their day to day activities, any tips they might care to share and find out the Ibiza gossip on the ground.

This week it's the turn of Toolroom's resident "rascal", Becky.

Becky Rascal, 33, United Kingdom
Event Manager, Toolroom

How many seasons have you worked?

"I've done a season at various holiday resorts every year from 2007, but I've been working on Ibiza since 2012."

What does a typical day in your job involve?

"The Toolroom team has been grafting for months to put this season together. It's my job to run everything on the ground: accounting, production, promotion, logistics - basically everything that goes into making a party happen.

It is hard work, but its so rewarding when you see the result of thousands of people with smiles on their faces making memories with all their pals. Day to day I'm generally spending most waking moments on my laptop, otherwise, I'm mincing around San Antonio with my fabulous team and PR Manager Sarah."

What's the best thing about your job?

"100% the best thing is the people I work with. I absolutely love the San An worker community. I have so many lovely mates here, we are all living the dream (even those whose dream involves sharing a two bed apartment with seven other workers).

Its great knowing we are growing the scene and bringing the Ibiza clubbing spirit back to the town, together with the Eden team and all the amazing promoters based there this year."

What's the worst thing about your job?

"I love everything about my job. Though what I dislike is forgetting I don't have the same stamina as my team! Perhaps I'll never learn that I can't handle the fear that follows a night out with them."

Who's your favourite DJ?

"My fave DJ is Maxinne at the moment - she's smashing it."

Catch Maxinne playing each and every Sunday at Eden and various times at Tantra.

What's your track of the summer?

Leftwing:Kody | I Feel It | Toolroom Records

What's your favourite thing to do on Ibiza on your day off?

"I like to eat fresh fish and go rock jumping. The rock jumping at Punta Galera's flat rocks is my favourite spot in the San An area."

The naturally formed flat rocks at Punta Galera.

"I always go by myself. I spend so much time talking that I get bored of the sound of my own voice! Silence is golden. Although sometimes I also like driving in my '80s BMW convertible singing along to sassy disco records."

Any tips for your fellow workers?

"Rita's Cantina for €4 green juices to pretend you're healthy when you're hungover."

Rita's Cantina is a firm favourite amongst locals and visitors alike.

"Casa Thai menú del día for when you can't pretend you're not hungover and have no desire to be healthy.

My new fave healthy food place is Kick near Linears gym. €5.50 workers' boxes are the best newcomer to ibiza for 2019."

Tell us your favourite Ibiza story.

"It's taken me a long time to think of one that won't get me or someone else sacked! In summary, I've generally spent the majority of my time on Ibiza acquiring the nickname “Rascal”.

Before my first season, I came on holiday and stayed at Fiesta Apartments (now Ushuaïa). Back then it was about €20 a night and I used to walk home from Space with my shoes in my hand - Scouse style.

At reception, I'd throw another €20 on the desk to stay another night and stumble back to my room looking like roadkill. I did that for about a month, bought a load of Space CDs from Ibiza Town on my last day and cried on the plane home. I've never looked back since.

The Space CD from 2007 is still absolutely class by the way."

Thank you Becky.

You can find Becky on the front door of Eden each and every Sunday, processing the guest lists, greeting ticket holders and being an all round hostess for Toolroom. Tickets for the parties can be picked up below.

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