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On a HotBed at O Beach

Refreshing tunes and sun-soaked vibes poolside in San Antonio.

Hump day. The midweek blues. The slump. Call it what you will, Wednesday is often the Everest of mundanity, coming slap bang in the middle of the working week. But we're not at home. We're in Ibiza. The usual laws of the universe do not apply here.

Always a surefire winner, we returned to O Beach Ibiza to sample the sweet delicacies of HotBed.

Last summer, it was one of the highlights of our year - so to say we were excited to get back was an understatement. This time around, we were booked with a deluxe VIP Palm Booth, including a magnum bottle of Ciroc vodka to share. Fancy!

Livin' it up next to bronzed goddesses and toned hunks down by O Beach Ibiza's pool is just one of those inconveniences that come with the territory. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Marc De Man

Marc de Groot was feelin' the carnival vibes.

Weaving through the already packed dance floor, we were escorted to our booth at the far end of the venue. Fittingly, seeing as it was Wimbledon fortnight, Parris was serving-up volley after volley of lush music. What a welcome - all that was missing were strawberries and cream.

Admittedly, we are no vodka connoisseurs. However, there's no disputing that this premium brand of spirit tasted a lot smoother than the standard product on the market. Whether a blessing or a curse, it masked the potency of our drinks. It didn't take long for us to slip into party mode.

When life gives you lemons, you have better pour yourself a stiff vodka limon - Ibiza style! Ice and a slice mandatory.

Our table service was both highly efficient and personable, with the company making it an all-around winner. The hostess couldn't do enough for us - and it's always better when they can share a bit of banter with you.

Destination: Parris

Parris riding solo minus usual booth partner Lloyd.

Avid clubbers, our ears prick whenever we clock those distinct opening bars of a great tune coming in. Amongst house classics like Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer and David Penn's new remix of Big Love, we would hear some less obvious tracks that truly worked for us.

Given the untimely passing of French electro master Zdar last month, this remix of Cassius felt all the more poignant. Amid the sea of jubilation, this tribute wasn't lost on us. Reflectiveness was replaced by joy just moments later with the unloading of this disco groover.

Feel My Bicep's Hammer getting an outing at O Beach Ibiza. How do you like them apples?

Danny Boy

O Beach's dance floor in the assured hands of Danny Langan.

Imagine our surprise to see a band of hell's angels waltz through the venue. Proof that O Beach Ibiza is for everyone - even tough biker types. Leather jacket and floral beach trunks - quite the combo! This bold fashion statement had nothing but our unerring respect.

And still, the tunes kept coming. Here's Piece Of Your Heart by Meduza.

A right peach of a record. Juicy!

In true O Beach Ibiza style, the production was on point. Not that we expected anything less than a feast for the eyes. Champagne sprays, inflatable props, svelte dancers in colourful leotards and fruit parades coming together in a concoction of vibrant entertainment.

Where do we pick up those strawberry headpieces?

Above the dance floor, a trapeze artist straddled a semi-peeled banana suggestively and a giant pink flamingo was craned overhead from the outside-in. Where else can you see such flamboyant showmanship? O Beach Ibiza put on a show from every angle.

But there would be no slipping on a banana skin here. Live improv from percussionist JWalks and saxophonist Matt Saxx gave these well-known tracks a whole new dynamic. It's always novel to hear a new spin on familiar music.

Billy the Kid

Always smiling, resident Billy Cocks takes us through to the end of the day.

Evening fell as we lapped up the last rays of sunshine. The atmosphere was a midsummer's night dream - great crowd and positive vibes all around.

Groovers and movers alike came together to let loose as the dance floor swelled to its capacity for the denouement.

An expertly triggered bootleg of Show Me Love and Rolling In the Deep united us all. When Adele's vocal came in, the dance floor erupted and launched into singalong scenes, leaving us red-faced like a raspberry.

Unexpected, the moment gave us a warm feeling in our stomachs. An unlikely Ibiza moment, but there we all were in euphoric unison.

As the sun lowered in the sky and clouds bathed in pinks and greys swirled around it, this stonewall classic was the cherry on top of an exhilarating day at poolside. Philippe Nadaud's legendary sax solo sent us home happy.

All day parties at O Beach Ibiza should be viewed as more of an experience than a full-on clubbing exercise. That said, we're not sure we've ever seen the dance floor as throbbing as it was. From early on until the bitter end it was genuinely packed-out and full of beaming faces.

It comes as no surprise when you consider that HotBed has started to sell out over the last few weeks. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

All this entertainment for the price of €20 general admission - and you even get to top up your tan in the process. Though it must be said, if you're planning on making a big deal out of a special occasion, upgrading to one of the VIP bed options is highly recommended.

O Beach Ibiza looks after you well.

Another fabulous thing is that you get all the benefits of a beach party, without the chore of having to wash sand from your feet before crawling into bed. An absolute masterstroke when you get back to your apartment a little blurry-eyed. Nobody likes sands in the sheets.

Let's shout about the music too, which cannot be overstated. Alex Ellenger, Parris, Danny Langan and Billy Cocks soundtracked the perfect day in the sun. Bravo those guys.

Whether you're not really into house music, a casual observer or an obsessive music geek, HotBed caters for all with an accessible but musically (in)credible soundtrack. Plenty of radio-friendly classics, fresh edits and vocal house you might not know, but that's still palatable.

Check out all the hottest poolside tracks from O Beach Ibiza in our Spotify playlist below and head here to subscribe.

Seven weeks down, but still twelve scorching instalments to go.

Fancy making a day of it, basking in the sun with the HotBed residents and the beautiful crowds of O Beach Ibiza? Then make a date at poolside and get tickets below.

PHOTOGRAPHY | by CM. Robinson

WORDS | by Stephen Hunt, Michael Tomlinson, Hannah Starkie, Jo Dargie & Sasha Wharton

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